WordPress deleted my theme w/out notification

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    Yes, this was a debacle. As I stated here, https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/wither-pressrow?replies=22#post-496336 , Matt says that with Pressrow, things will be different. I truly hope so.


    Pressrow removed from available themes.

    (And “launched four years ago” excuse removed from Cutline-to-Coraline sticky…)


    Making Pressrow unavailable for new use, was a suggestion made by someone else here in the forums, and echoed by me when I talked with Matt. That way new users aren’t caught in the storm when it hits. This is a good move.


    They should have reworded that 4th paragraph. It just hangs in mid air now that the “launched four years ago” is no longer there.


    And this from ma.tt: http://ma.tt/2010/08/syn-thesis-3-switchers/ . Last paragraph in particular.



    What? WHAT??? Waddya mean “wither PressRow”??? There’s NOTH’N
    wrong with PressRow –I’m sitt’n here reading about unhappy
    people -I feel bad for them then BAM! WADDYA MEAN???
    PressRow is only my 2nd theme –I’ve been using it
    so long–five+ years–to say I “like PressRow” like saying
    ‘Grand Canyon is a ditch’ –I don’t even know HOW to wrap
    my brain around a DIFFERENT theme. WHY can’t they Leave it AS IS?

    WHY do they even want to “fix” what ISN’T broken? ok, it does have
    one teeny flaw, the quote marks on left side don’t turn INward,
    but that’s NOT justification for axing/killing it.

    HOW come YOU know about this?

    They wanna be ‘hot guys’ with other themes, fine. BUT: HOW do
    we/I get WP to Leave PressRow ALONE??? (*hyperventilating*)
    my head hurts…. Do you think they would take money to LEAVE
    PressRow alone? (I’m gonna be sick)


    There was nothing wrong with Cutline either, except that the designer of Cutline and Pressrow had a dispute with the owner of WordPress (over another theme – a theme for self-hosted sites).



    Pressrow is back! => http://archivos2.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/captura-pressrow.jpg

    It’s a sitcom or reality show? ;-)



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