WordPress deleted my theme w/out notification

  • I am sooooo beyond ticked! I log on today to see that my theme was replaced with the new Coraline theme and all of my text boxes, codes, set-up, everything has been changed and deleted. WHY WOULD THEY NOT CONTACT ME????? Has this happened to anyone else?? Can this be fixed??

    Also, why is WordPress counting my own visits to my blog on the dashboard??

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hi @sarahsellers. Sorry for any confusion the phasing out of Cutline might have caused. We have more info about the switch here and here.

    Your custom header, menus, and widgets should have transferred over seamlessly in the transition. I took a look at your site and everything looks like it made the transfer correctly. If any widgets were deactivated they should be in your Inactive Widgets pane at Appearance > Widgets.

    We hope you’ll wind up liking Coraline as much as we do. It has a lot of really neat features I think you might like. But let us know if you run into any further issues.

    It doesn’t appear that logged-in pages views are being counted in your stats. Hopefully any marked increases are new visitors.

  • I really really hate this change. Why do you feel it’s OK to change with no warning at all? Why?

  • themeshaper thanks for the quick response. I had previously turned off third party cookies so that’s why it was counting my visits. Also, I found the widgets!


  • I agree. It’s really not cool to change the theme without a personal notification. Will see if I can fix my page now as the whole side bar plus header has disappeared.

  • hmmm, it’s even reverted back to my old name. great.

  • @bookwitch We’re sorry if the switch caused any confusion for you or interrupted your blog. Let us know if you run into any issues with Coraline. We’ll do our best to sort them out as soon as possible.

    @thegrassisactuallygreener It looks like you have everything sorted out with your widgets and header. The blog title shouldn’t have changed but Coraline does display a tagline now (Cutline didn’t). Is that what you saw when it “reverted back”? Let us know if you see anything else out of sorts.

  • I am bummed. I care a lot about how my site and post look, and have worked hard to get them the way I want within Cutline. Coraline is close in some ways, but not in others, and now I’m pretty much going to have to go back through everything — or possibly choose another theme — and then I’ll still have to redo a bunch of things. Most of my sidebar info has disappeared, though I realize it won’t be too hard to get that back in order. My personal profile info also seems to have vaporized, so will have to be recreated. I was planning to start a second blog soon — all of a sudden WordPress doesn’t seem to be the way to go.

  • hi again, I managed to reactivate my widgets, deleted tagline etc. so my blog now looks almost like before.

    what I meant by “the old name” was just that “thegrassisactuallygreener” normally doesn’t show up anywhere (I tried to change it when I changed the name of the blog, but haven’t been able to). I’ve chosen to Mette Bassett when commenting on my own blog and on others but maybe it’s different here in the forum. Hope this makes sense.

  • Is it just me or is the whole of WordPress playing up at the moment? Even if I change theme it still looks all to pot!

  • Why still no stats for past two days? Is this connected to the Cutline -> Coraline switch, or is it just me? Help! (but help is still shut down…)

  • oh my, me too.
    i found a few of my widgets, but not all. the problem is I can’t remember what was there… i didn’t think something like this could/would happen at WP without a much LOUDER notice. I was thinking about upgrading and actually moving my website here, but now???????????????

  • We’re working on restoring missing widgets to sites affected by the Cutline-Coraline switch. We’ll update this thread when we’re finished restoring widgets to all sites.

  • Thank you.
    They’re all back now.

  • I am SO disappointed in WordPress. How hard would it be to just send me an email letting me know my theme would go away????? Why make me discover it all by myself? I think you guys need to do better than “We’re sorry if the switch caused any confusion for you or interrupted your blog.” How about acknowledging that you’ve failed customer service 101?

  • They did send an email to everyone who was using the theme. The problem comes because the automated emails often go to the Spam folder or the blogger no longer checks that particular email.

  • Thanks Raincoaster, but I always check my spam folders. In this case, WordPress did NOT notify bloggers who had not purchased the CSS upgrade — google it, it’s all over the Web. Major faux pas by WordPress, which has always been great before. I just want to see the company acknowledge that it scr*wd up and promise not to do it again.

  • I’ve heard that they sent an email to everyone using the theme, but Weblog Tools Collection states they only emailed Cutline users that had the CSS upgrade, not the Cutline users without the CSS upgrade.


  • Ah, thanks for that catch. That’s probably the case.

  • Oh they did send an email to everybody.
    Four days after the scr**up.

    And they did announce that Coraline “will be a replacement for the Cutline theme”.
    The day it had already happened.

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