Weird followers

  • Yes. Here’s another today from a yahoo address: tabithaprzybylskiowco

    Earlier I had some from wordpress sites. There I could click over and see; if it was a blank site, or had no postings for several years, I could delete them.

  • Thanks. Give me a little while to look at this and report back.

  • There isn’t a way to prevent email followers without removing the option all together.

    If you wanted to go that route I’d suggest maybe using a contact form in place of the follow by email widget.

  • There isn’t a way to prevent email followers without removing the option all together.

    If you wanted to go that route I’d suggest maybe using a contact form in place of the follow by email widget.

  • Same issue for me. Been going on now for several days. Appreciate the info on how to remove them, as it is way too many emails with odd names. Something is definitely not right with all these email subscribers!

  • I’ve been getting these again the last week or so. Here’s one:

    (email visible only to moderators and staff) is now following Cowgirl in New England

    (email visible only to moderators and staff) just started following you at They will receive an email every time you publish a post. Congratulations.

    My blog is pretty much inactive at this point.

  • I went to the directions on how to remove email followers and then to the “people” section of my blog and click the email followers tab. Even though I have had at a least a dozen WordPress notices of outlook followers with odd names, none of them are in my email follower list. This is rather unnerving as to what no-good thing they may be up to.

  • Don’t worry about it, they can’t do anything… unless you have your personal information all over your blog (that you don’t normally want the public to see) following you by email is useless to them. All they will receive is a notice from wordpress, NOT your email address. Besides, WP has been removing them before you can even see them anyway, something they implemented the last time this got out of hand…

  • Does anyone know what the point of these presumably-bot followers is? The only thing I could think of was to use content in some illicit way.

  • This continues to happen to me. It started in January, as people have noted here, but has continued through April. I get the notification that I have a new follower. Long name, outlook email account, but when I check on the site stats, there are no new followers either in email followers or followers in general.

    Since my blog has been inactive for a few weeks, I decided to set it to private for now to see if that somehow pulls it out of the spam loop. Any other thoughts/ideas welcome, but judging by the comments, it seems this is ongoing and unresolved.

  • Yes. I thought it had stopped but still they keep trickling in (one or two per day most days)

  • I, too, have had half a dozed new followers from without any new post or up tic in referrals. Based on this thread, I’m thinking I should block?

  • So – it says my note posted, but I don’t see it. I was trying to get notified if there are any new discoveries.

  • I still get them from time to time, but they don’t appear on my followers list. I presume they’re being successfully blocked by WordPress?

  • Same problem, same question. Are the WP admins removing these spammy followers automatically? I have been getting a bunch of them the past week but they are not showing up in my follower list (so I can delete them).

  • I get several of these per week for my site However they do not show up in my email followers so I cannot delete them. Why do I get emails saying they are following the blog and then they are not listed in the email followers, currently the site shows zero email followers and I have had at least 6 emails stating people with weird emails are following.

  • This just happened to me. My blog received 10 new followers, all at addresses, since the beginning of April. I get a message that I have a new follower but like others who have posted in this forum, I can’t find thme through the Admin page. This seems to point to a virus originating with Outlook. What’s going on? Does Microsoft know about this?

  • Wow…glad to hear I am not the only one receiving these. Only 1 out of about a dozen over the past few days was retained on my email followers list; but, after reading all the comments, it appears my suspicions were correct and I will delete that follower. However, I too wonder what the point is…but then I wonder the same thing about all hackers. Nothing better to do than to mess with people, I guess.

  • This is still happening. But by the time I try to delete them, they are usually already gone. Is this a WP fix? Weird to be getting notifications of these “outlook” followers to find none on the list.

  • Same problem. Weird Outlook followers.

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