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    Hi Supernovia,

    You are overworked and did not read my forum post. I’m trying to tell WP that my list of email followers is messed up because of all the outlook spam activity.

    Half of my long-time email followers are no longer on my email followers list. Please reread my post again.

    The outlook spammers seem to now be able to mess things up in blogging stats.

    Take care.



    I must have misunderstood, but I checked and counted 57 followers here, both in the number at the top and in the actual list of followers there, so I think you might be having another issue. Do you want to start a new thread about that here?


    Great, I feel stupid. Had no idea, decided to google this finally. I figure at least it ups my followers….lol. Geesh.


    I’m seeing these posts from January – it’s June and I’ve been getting them daily for all these months. When/how does it stop – no one believes they’re getting daily subscribers all with emails. It’s kind of frightening. I love writing, but I’ve backed off of my blog since this started and I’m still getting daily “subscribers.” What’s the deal. Everyone seems to say “we’ve got it under control” or “nothing to worry about,” but I’m worried.



    @artfularticles we had it solved then they came at it another way. Have you tried the recommendations in this thread?



    As off yesterday I cannot comment on my wordpress followers blog posts … was always possible before … what the heckie is going on with you word press peeps … it asks me for my gmail account password in order to comment on wordpress and when I give it , it still doesn’t work. Am very angry. cat.


    ckpeacemaker – Please start a new thread with this query. Add the “modlook” tag and it will find the way in to the staff queue. Thanks.



    Have no idea what you talking about regarding mud, ahem modlook … only thing I know for sure is that I want my wordpress friends back … ASAP … Side note: most of them are in Europe, one in England and one in Australia and one in the States and in Israel … maybe has to do with the new European internet regulations? … but then again, why Australia and the States and Israel … ck.



    … weired followers ? c.




    Your question is not related to this thread. Please create a new thread at, tag it with the word “modlook” by typing that word into the Tags box when creating the thread, and we’ll help you there.

    We’ll also need more details than you provided here, like links to the specific posts where you’re unable to comment, etc. It’s impossible to help you if you don’t provide the information we need to investigate an issue.



    To everyone who posted here to report the spam followers, I am no closing this thread to new replies, but we will post an update here once there is progress to report on this.

    For anyone who found this thread while searching for info, please subscribe to this thread by clicking the Subscribe link in the sidebar, and you’ll see when we update it with more information. But it is not necessary to create a new thread – we are aware of the Outlook spam followers, we have the information we need to block them, it’s just taking time to do that effectively.

    For now, the best advice is to ignore them, and perhaps set up an email filter so you don’t keep getting notifications about these in your email inbox. Hopefully we’ll be able to block these soon.

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