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    Why has wordpress changed the way images are re-sized and spaced? I cant figure out how to do it on this new version. No matter what size I put in the scale menu the images do not change size when the post is updated.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey. Also having problems with this. Is it possible to go to the old percentage reduction/increase of images as trying to gauge the ratio of how I want it is something I’m not familiar with at all.


    Same problem – need the old method; just in case you are thinking of making the pencil thing permanent ~ don’t! because the percentage method was just perfect.



    I cant get used to it either it doesn’t make sense, why change something that worked perfectly well in the first place? Sort it out WordPress!



    Hi all,

    We have been able to reproduce this issue and are working on a solution.




    Thanks zandyring! Appreciate it.

    The old format was definitely one of the smoothest and easiest to operate interfaces even for non-ration image pros like myself ;-)



    Many thanks here too! The old way was so easy be glad to see it back!


    Thanks –



    I am with everyone else. I like the percentages. This new method is similar to Blogger and I hate their setup.



    Hi all,

    An update was made that fixes issues where scaling or restoring an image wouldn’t update the inserted image. Right now, scaling only works when the image is inserted at the full-size (not medium, thumbnail, etc). More updates will be rolling out over the next few days!


    The old method was perfect and, in fact, vital for the look of our blog. We really can’t go on working with if it isn’t restored.

    Thank you



    Yes, I do hope that with the updates that come we will be able to scale down images with percentages again – that was a vital function for our blog too!



    I found the same thing, after several tries. Currently, you have to put in the image at “Full size” before the scaling thins works.

    Personally, I liked the former % input way, but I also like the idea of being able to free-scale the image as it is now.

    Just please make so it actually works. Even if you originally input image as thumb, medium, or full size.


    I also want to add my vote for going back to image scaling percentages! I had a system perfected for quick editing and now I can’t get the new editor to match my previous work. (I was trying to update my portfolio page to match the photos already on that page – guess I’ll have to wait for another day off to mess with settings.)

    And my biggest complaint is the missing “open in new window” check box! I like the option of choosing how things will open on my blog when people click things, especially photos! Please bring that option back.


    Not only that. For our blog we actually scaled-up quite often by hand-adjusting the pixel rates in the images. It worked perfect and we’ve always been complimented for the appearance… And it’s just a regular Blaskan theme. If we can’t scale up and feature screen-wide images, we can’t really maintain the visual template we’ve already set.

    I fully trust these problems will be solved soon. It doesn’t make any sense to lose features that worked fine. Otherwise we’ll be obliged to abandon hosting and self-host with an .org install.

    Thank you



    Thanks everyone for the feedback. One thing to keep in mind is that you can also now resize the image directly in the visual editor by dragging the little boxes that surround the image after the image is selected.

    The idea is that being able to resize the image directly in the editor is a better experience than using percentages in the old interface.



    Thanks for that info! Worked just fine – apologies if I missed that initially.


    @gcorne I actually noticed the resize nodes very first thing and was prepared to be happy with the new changes, but the resizing only showed in the visual editor. When I preview the page, all the changes I made in the editor don’t show up and everything’s still HUGE.

    I don’t want to update my page and risk the new stuff being the wrong size. I’ll just wait a few weeks before trying to update and hope all the bugs get worked out before then. (I saved my html as a file on my computer so I can mess with it later.)



    Was just coming back to mention what Brooke said. The resize does sound like a nice idea once the bugs get worked out.



    Hello there – sorry if this question has been answered but I cannot find any info.

    I have worked yesterday all day long on my css and I know there are some issues right now but, do you know if all my changes will be back just the way it was before?

    I am still working on it at the minute, I guess I should stop if the css source is being modified.


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