What makes someone beautiful?

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What makes someone beautiful?

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  1. There was once a girl who wasn’t the prettiest in the school. She knew that she wasn’t pretty and she also knew that the boys talked bad about her behind her back. One boy, however, saw that she had been sad for a long time now, so he gave her a flower. As soon as she smiled, her face lit up, and she was the most beautiful girl in the world.
    A smile is the most beautiful thing on the planet.


  2. What makes someone beautiful depends on your definition of beautiful. For me beauty is much more than skin deep. In fact what makes a person truly beautiful to me is what is not so evident on the first look. It is the kind, compassionate and understanding individual who stands out as beautiful. Jan Simson’s comment above is a prime example of a beautiful young man.


  3. “People often say that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves.”

    — Salma Hayek


  4. I believe physical beauty as well as personality of a person combine together to make a person beautiful. The eyes and the smile stand out as most sought after, and things that you get attracted to first.. however, it really is the authenticity & confidence in a person that makes him/her continue to be beautiful beyond the initial impression…


  5. Very much said always abt the beautiful soul and is it really always true? Does not someone who is beautiful physically means having a beautiful face get noticed more quickly than the others ?no doubt people appreciate inner beauty bt the importance of physical beauty can’t be neglected either. Ask a girl who is less beautiful than her sister the value of physical beauty.a symmetrical face makes u beautiful with a smile in it no doubt . Beauty is god’s gift to the beholder. Bt its also grace of god that ppl talk about inner beauty more whenever the topic shows that humanbeings are more attracted to brains and heart than to shear beautiful face .


  6. The beauty of a person comes from the inside. If the heart is beautiful then that beauty will radiate to the outside so that all the world can see it. A person can’t fake inside beauty.


  7. ‘searchingthemeaningoflife’ stated that to be one’s ‘self’ is enough. I like this thought, but sadly I have to disagree. I strive to be my ‘self’ in every aspect of the day. Alas, I am not what one would call a beautiful person.

    Beauty, much like being rich, is only obtainable by a small percentage (about 3%) of the population. All the others are merely just fooling themselves, like the middle class thinking they are rich, when they believe they’re beautiful.

    A beautiful person is the perfect assimilation of symmetry, personality and sensualuality. The physical of the skin is just as important as the physical substance between his/her ears.


  8. beauty radiates through one’s personality, the way a person talk, smiles, the way they handle themselves. it is something you see in the face, in the eyes. sometimes you see a very beautiful woman, physically and when you looked into their face and through their eyes beauty faded and you started to wonder why? and sadly some people always put importance in physical beauty which faded everyday.