How do you know when it’s time to go?

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How do you know when it’s time to go? Like at a party or when you meet a friend for coffee?

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  1. Ha! So the title and started thinking along the lines of..God, and death..zombies and
    I usually know its time to leave when I get all fidgety or when everyone is staring at each other with glazed eyes and keeping quiet!
    If its a party..usually when I can’t stand up straight any longer..LOL


    1. yea I agree, they should also have a delete comment option. Too bad they don’t. At a party I usually go when I’m having difficulty standing, but if I am out with friends then I usually leave if it just starts getting uncomfortable. Like no one know what else to say 🙂


  2. For a party? When you accidentally(?) walked in to someone in the toilet and you still insist on using it by making a random excuse.

    Coffee with a friend? After two hours or so … easy as that …


  3. I usually decide in advance when I’ll leave. Hour and a half for coffee or lunch with a friend, 3 hours for a party, unless it’s rockin’, in which case I’ll stay until the host says “Get the hell out.”


  4. I know it’s time to go when one of three things happen: my companion needs to go, or I have an appointment, or there is nothing more to be gained, in the most spiritual sense of the word, from the interaction. For either of you.


  5. It’s time to go when it takes effort to start something new. A good party develops on its own without anybody really trying to initiate an activity for everybody to join. It just happens on its own.


  6. Foot tapping, nervous tics and eye twitching are usually signs that I might have overstayed my visit. Conversations that hang in mid-air while you await a response, and eye rolls if you pose another question are also great cues to get the heck out of there and head home. (Actually, I make a habit to arrive late and leave early so that I don’t commit any of these offenses.)