Write about something to do with bacon

Topic #96:

Write about something to do with bacon. Do you like it? hate it? Wish there more of it, or less? Do you like the way it looks, or do you wish you never saw it again? What do you think of bacon flavored chocolate, or the significance of the phrase “brining home the bacon?”

Topic submitted by the folks at the Mike/Mitch project, a food blog, where they have many recipes, include a few using bacon.

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  1. Bacon. It’s one of my all-time favorites. The smell in the morning nearly brings tears of excitement to my….mouth. ? Anyway, there are so many ways to prepare bacon, but my favorite is wrapped around cream cheese stuffed jalapenos and grilled. Hey! I live in Texas where everything is spicey. It’s a way of life. What could be better?


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  3. Ah, my dear friend. All those times we’ve shared, those carefree weekend mornings when you’d draw me from my bed with the sizzling whisper of treats. To ready me for the new day; overloading my senses. Part of my favourite triumvirate. A heaven sent synergy – my own breakfast Holy Trinity if you will – the cornerstone of my English Breakfast: Sausage, Egg and Bacon. All the other ingredients can come and go (they’re transient, they know it), but you will always be there for me. And I, for you.
    *Nom, nom, nom*


  4. Three couples went to a resturant. The women wanted to compliment the men with something that was on the table.
    “Could you pass me the sugar, sugar?” said the first gal.
    “Could you pass me the honey, honey?” said the second.
    “Could you pass me the bacon, pig?” said the third.


  5. Bacon? It made from Pig right?
    Well i’m Indonesian moslem. We’re not allowed eating bacon, or anything made from pig, i heard jewish people too…
    We only allowed to eat beef, lamb, and other… (I’ve only eaten shredded pork once by accident )

    Belief has their own rule. Like Hindu people in Bali Island (which still in my country) they don’t eat anything from cow, but they eat pork.

    OMG i’m blogging here


  6. Boa pergunta! bacon se as pessoas tivessem a noção do veneno que é o bacon, já teriam eliminado das suas vidas há séculos, é o grande causador do entupimento das coronárias sabiam disso? Junte mais manteiga, gordura higrogenada e tudo o que contem gorduras trans nos alimentos.
    Está formada a bomba!!
    Abraços a todos!


  7. I don’t really have any firm opinions on bacon, one way or another. For dietary reasons I stopped eating it years ago. I may have ingested a slice or two in a clubhouse sandwich, come to think of it.