Contribute to a fun story in progress

Friendly blogger Noobcake is running a special kind of writing project he’s calling StoryBounce. It’s fun and simple: he starts with a few sentences, and then anyone can come by and continue the story by leaving a comment. And on it goes – I just added my piece to the story. You should add yours:

Story Bounce: tell your story

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  1. Ah..all sorted. was it my computer or a bug in the system?

    But I am glad you are back with me!


  2. Olá a todos, estou perdida num deserto e o pior sem água e a pé, um sol de rachar, como faço para retornar ao abrigo onde tinha todas as regalias?


  3. Very cute idea “Noobcake” it reminds me of being a sumer camp…

    Remember that game where you stand in a line and whisper a phrase to each other. The person on the end usually says something completely different than the person at the beginning of the line.

    Having no clue what the next person will say makes it interesting!


  4. Hehe, I remember playing that game at school! It reminds me of a scene from The Simpsons where some tragedy is playing out and the locals whisper to each other only the last one hears the phrase “Purple monkey dishwasher!”


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  6. Mais um trabalho realizado com harmonia , uma história para qualquer idade,
    uma leitura muito agradável para qualquer tempo. para sempre,
    Estou muito feliz também !