Embed a Pocket Casts Player in Seconds With Our New Block

Are you a podcaster or a prolific blogger? You don’t want to miss out on our most recent additions and updates to the WordPress editor.

The library of blocks in the WordPress editor is always growing, providing websites with fresh and intriguing features on a regular basis. Our most recent update will appeal to podcasters, bloggers and Pocket Casts fans alike and we are thrilled to share it with you today.

Spread the word about your favorite podcasts and episodes with the Pocket Casts block

Are you a podcaster? Add the Pocket Casts block to any post or page on your website to let people know about your passion project and to embed the most recent episodes of your podcast. If you’re an avid listener but haven’t started your own podcast (yet, at least), you can now embed episodes and shows by other people within your own writing so that readers may listen to them without ever leaving your website.

You won’t need any special codes or embed URLs once you select the Pocket Casts block from the editor’s list of possible blocks. You will simply need to provide the episode’s or podcast’s URL.

Here’s what the Pocket Casts player will look like on your site — the example below features the latest episode on the Distributed podcast, hosted by Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg:

We truly hope you give the Pocket Casts block (and app) a try. Please comment below if you have any questions or would like to provide a link to a post where you’ve already used it.

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  1. mrsolakunleoluwole


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  2. Emmeline Berry

    We’ve published a Guest List from Kimi Culp on the Pocket Casts blog with Pocket Casts blocks included! https://blog.pocketcasts.com/kimi-culp

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  3. Thiago

    Where are these episodes archived? Is there a limit to the number of episodes? What is the maximum length of an episode?

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  4. encounters

    I no longer know how or where you ask questions about blogging on WordPress. How do I connect with the community?

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  5. Cyrus Jutag

    Berry nice

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  6. Vikram Singh

    hey this is really awesome

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  7. Sabmurai

    I got it to work this is great!

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  8. Eddy Bless

    Looking forward to learn everything and become an expert on publishing WordPress daily.

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  9. amrishhpuri

    really awesome

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  10. Sheavonne Johnson- Fulton

    Thank you

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  11. 3 Pillars Podcast - by Chase Tobin

    Hey, thank you! That was super easy to install.

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  12. dreamer4632001

    just changed my password two days ago and now i cannot log in and it dosen’t recognize my email address???

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  13. universalminddiscountstore

    Sir please explain to my team members how to use this wonderful thing you talked about here, dose it record voice and sound at the block or we will have to upload it??

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    • Sophie

      Hi, this block is specifically for embedding an existing podcast episode from Pocket Casts into your page or post on WordPress.com. You would indeed need to record and upload the podcast episode yourself first! We have a guide which may help you to get started with podcasting, if you wish to do so:


  14. Fortune Cukee

    Hi guys,I’m new here,creating a community for my brand. Do well to help me out here.


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