Get Early Access to Full Site Editing!

A big change is coming to WordPress to make it easier than ever to create websites called Full-Site Editing. You can be one of the first to try it exclusively on, before it gets merged into core open source WordPress with the upcoming release of WordPress version 5.9. 

What is Full Site Editing?

If you caught the State of the Word or follow along with news on, you may have heard about “Full Site Editing”, a set of new features that will allow you to edit all parts of your site. This collection of powerful new features empowers WordPress users to easily create and customize their entire websites without needing to know how to code. 

Some highlights of Full Site Editing include:

  • Point and click edits in all parts of your site, including headers, footers, and sidebars!
  • Drag and drop blocks to design beautiful and complex navigation menu bars.
  • Edit items like your header, page content, and footer all in one place. You’ll no longer need to jump out of your page editor to make changes in the Customizer! Everything is available to edit right where you already are.
  • Use all the power of blocks, reusable blocks, and pre-designed block patterns to design every part of your site.

If you’ve struggled to make your entire WordPress website look just the way you wanted in the past, we encourage you to give it another try. Full Site Editing may be exactly what you’ve needed.

What’s Available Right Now?

The team is excited to announce that we’re now offering early access to Full Site Editing (Beta) for all new sites created by our existing English-speaking users! If this describes you, then you don’t have to wait. 

Eager to give it a try? Just spin up a new site from your dashboard.

If FSE is not yet available to you, don’t worry. Stay tuned for more updates as the rollout continues for both existing sites and new users.

Want to know more about Full Site Editing Beta? Check out this free Full Site Editing course created by the team to help you get started!

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  1. Michael Griffith

    New post on News Get Early Access to Full Site Editing…. Thank you! Michael


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  2. Khadijah Suleiman


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  3. jazzbandforweddings

    Very good Donna. Thank you for the update. I have two websites on wordpress platform. Here are these: and

    I am pretty eager to use this new feature on them.


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  4. Boddy-Moving-Theo-Herbots

    I started a new website to test this out
    It all looks great.
    It’s a pity that no wi can be added for the time being such as Google Translate and others that I normally use.
    In any case I will continue to follow and try it out.
    Here’s the link where I try everything

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  5. Don Williams

    For an existing site are we talking about months or years to be able to use Full Site Editing?

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    • Jonny R. 🌶

      Full Site Editing will be rolling out soon to all sites — please keep an eye out for announcements.

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  6. bj12344


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  7. peteropet

    This is nice

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  8. Deepak Sharma

    that,s great


  9. kalamsatta

    That is great

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