5 Ways to Get Started On Your Side Hustle

We’re committed to helping you create a professional online presence with WordPress.com, and we’re launching a three-month free trial with Professional Email to get you started. Professional Email is an industry-leading email service from our partner Titan that’s powerful and easy to set up. Professional Email helps you build your brand online with a custom email address at your domain.

At Automattic, we believe in making the web a better place by helping people get access to powerful tools that help them tell their stories and turn their passion into an income generator.

During the pandemic, we noticed that people were focusing on their side hustle and building a trusted brand online. We’re focused on making it easier and quicker to launch your website, so that you can focus on building your community. 

Here are five ways to get started: 

  1. Create your website on WordPress.com
  2. Get your own domain name to make it easier for people to find you
  3. Setup Professional Email to connect with customers using your own domain
  4. Create a logo to make your brand memorable
  5. Start collecting payments with Earn tools 

Whether you’re a blogger, an entrepreneur, a small business owner, an artist, an educator, or you have a new idea you want to turn into a side hustle, we want you to have the opportunity to amplify your message through the web and find your own community and customers here. We’re ready to help you get started on your journey. Are you ready?

Start my three-month free trial for Professional Email!

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  1. okorojoseph580gmailcom

    How can I create mine

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  2. Vansh Tiwari

    During the Pandemic, I become more focused towards Blogging and most importantly enjoying the moment.

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  3. gobookmart1234

    I love your blog so much it is awesome and i like it so much

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  4. Thiago

    This is a great initiative, but for ease of use, annual payment, not just monthly payment, should be an option.

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  5. alina133

    Great share😊

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  6. oishmortal

    This has been so interesting. Thanks for writing 🌸

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  7. harrytestdevonjah


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  8. Sai Sundar S

    I am trying my blog here and getting good feedback from my student community and art lovers. After that I have to try for a domain.

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  9. Bana Ali

    Thank you for sharing!

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  10. ibezimada73

    I love this. It was really helpful

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  11. Sarvesh Jha

    Hey Semiha i love it…

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  12. Young Voice

    I’m a musician.. I wanna sell my music… I’ll enjoy getting my customers here

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    • Semiha Kocer

      Thanks for your comment. You can start selling music and services with a paid WordPress.com plan and our Earn tools. I’ve reached out to you via email to identify your needs.

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      • Nelson Jhon



      • Brijesh Sharma

        Thank you for given that message

        On Wed, Aug 4, 2021, 9:29 PM The WordPress.com Blog wrote:

        > Semiha Kocer commented: “Thanks for your comment. You can start selling > music and services with a paid WordPress.com plan and our Earn tools. I’ve > reached out to you via email to identify your needs.” >

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  13. Wbrumby

    Hi I’m new at starting my own web based company so any help would be greatly appreciated and thank y’all for your time

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  14. othniellavincent

    Awesome. This is very helpful.

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  15. chinomsodavid

    Please, I am new here and I really want to grow my site as fast as possible. Thanks.


  16. malackmbunda

    Good stuff 🙏🙏🔥

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  17. askgospel1

    Amazing one. This was helpful. Thanks for the write up

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  18. deepanilamani

    I am Very Happy to say, both my websites are going to be 6 years and 5 years, and doing very well. Thank you WordPress for all the support and new information given to continue writing and publishing articles, successfully so that the whole world are able to share my knowledge and Experiences. Extremely Grateful for WordPress and A Very Big Thank You again!


  19. heovang nguyendung

    Thanks for sharing ♥️

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  20. whizzanks

    Good one 👍

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  21. odunayo90

    Thanks for sharing this

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  22. artithakur28

    Nice blog

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  23. Khaledurrahman


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  24. Shyamini

    I have been blogging literature notes.
    I don’t want to sell those as many students benefit but I want to earn through advertisements. How should I do this?

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    • Semiha Kocer

      Hi there,
      If you’d like to make money with advertisements on your WordPress.com site, WordAds is the official WordPress.com advertising program for site owners. You can learn more about WordAds here.

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  25. Sudheer Kumar

    I like your blogging style.

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  26. Dumdumempire

    Thank so much

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  27. vishukatkar95

    Your blog is really helpful for me..🙂

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  28. William Patrick Porter

    Awesome blog!

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  29. Akanbiadeyemi

    Firstly, what’s professional email

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    • Semiha Kocer

      Professional Email is an email platform built by Titan, a strategic partner of Automattic (the creators of WordPress.com). With a custom email address and feature-rich web and mobile apps, Professional Email enables you to work smarter and more efficiently over email.
      You can learn more about Professional Email here.

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  30. kmohsenhasanpor

    During coronavirus, I become more focused towards Blogging and most importantly enjoying the moment.

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