What’s New in the Block Editor: New Page Layout Picker, Better Block Transformation Options, and More

From a new page layout picker to a more streamlined writing prompt, we’re bringing you the latest round of editor improvements.

Here’s a peek at the latest changes in the block editor — subtle-yet-practical enhancements that help you create beautiful posts and pages more efficiently:

  • New page layout picker experience.
  • Convert text and images into Columns block.
  • Improved spacing options for social links and buttons.
  • Streamlined behavior of the writing prompt.

Let’s dive in!

New Page Layout Picker

Page layouts are pre-designed templates that make creating beautiful pages a breeze. In this update we focused on improving the layout picker, making it easier to quickly browse different categories and select your layout.

Convert text and images into Columns Block

Transforming one block into another is a nifty trick that can greatly improve the editing experience. With the latest update, text (and images too!) can be automatically converted to a Columns block with the click of a button.

Select two or more blocks (these could be Paragraph, Heading, Image, etc.), click on the grouped block icon, and select “Columns” from the list of transformation options. The number of blocks selected will correspond to the number of columns.

Improved spacing options for Social Links and Buttons

Get creative with new ways to arrange your social links and buttons. This update brings you greater control over spacing and unlocks some neat layout ideas.

The correct alignment will be visible once you finish editing the Social Icons block.

Streamlined behavior of the writing prompt

You’re probably familiar with the writing prompt that greets you every time you start a new post or  page. Until now you’d also see it on every new line in your document. We’re happy to report that’s no longer the case! To streamline the writing process the prompt will now only appear once. There will be no subsequent prompts with every new line — just space for you to write your thoughts without distractions.

You keep building, we’ll keep improving

We can’t wait to see what you build with the improved block editor. In the meantime, we’ll keep new updates coming your way.

Happy editing!

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  1. Kathryn Mapes ithacalansing tales past and present

    I’m not giving up WordPress, which I have enjoyed, but it’s already harder to use for me than it was. How on earth do you italicize words now. I wish more than anything that I could have the old WordPress back.

    Liked by 24 people

  2. Joyful Surroundings LLC

    I appreciate the updates/improvements whilst wishing it could all stay the same for while.

    Liked by 19 people

  3. Cethru Cellophane

    Your post is too complicated to follow. Why did WordPress find it necessary to change a perfectly good format to something which is difficult to use? I am finding it difficult to post. I don’t understand the block editor or what it does. Do you want to lose more contributors or don’t you care?

    Liked by 33 people

  4. Linda Schaub

    Good to know. I like justified text in my posts. So, is there any way you will be creating a one-click-and-all-the-paragraphs-are-justified button? Right now, I do each paragraph separately.

    Liked by 11 people

  5. Poorwa Vishwakarma

    I appreciate these improvements!
    Is there a way I can use strike through in block editor? I think strike through option is only for classic editor.

    Liked by 8 people

  6. Tawhid

    Thanks for the update, I liked the Page layout editing feature. That makes the work easy. well done 👍

    Liked by 6 people

  7. Spira

    Just adding my voice to others; it would be, at the very least, helpful to keep the classic editor as an option for those of us who are not on board with the block editor.

    Liked by 28 people

  8. JenT

    I love everything about these changes except the change to the Page Layout Picker. Not the updated UI, that rocks, but that we’ve lost the ability to preview the full content of the layout before selecting it. Thumbnail images with captions just don’t convey enough information.

    Liked by 11 people

  9. jessicaapril7

    While it took me awhile to learn how to use the Block editor, I’m glad I did, it’s made creating and formatting posts a lot easier! However, I’ve encountered some difficulties with formatting while embedding things from external sites (Youtube, Spotify, Flickr), while I select to have them centered in the post, they never display that way- they just appear on the left as though I’ve made no formatting changes. Not a huge problem, obviously, but I’m nitpicky in my post formats and it irks me that I can’t have things centered! Maybe someone can help?

    PS: I’m digging the new layout picker and love the column option!

    Liked by 13 people

  10. anne leueen

    Just for thr record I like the Block Editor! I like to use colors for background and text and have found it easy to use. I am looking forward to trying out these new improvements . 😃

    Liked by 9 people

  11. anne leueen

    I like the Block Editor and don’t have any problems using it. I am looking forward to trying these new improvements . Going to start tonight with a new post.

    Liked by 12 people

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