The First-Ever Growth Summit Is Coming, and You Won’t Want to Miss It

Four topic areas. Three tracks. Endless inspiration.

Join us for The Official Growth Summit on August 11-13! At our first-ever virtual conference you will learn how to build and grow your site, from start to scale. Are you a blogger looking for ways to drive traffic and get more visitors? Are you a small business that would like to start selling more products and services on your site? Are you an artist or creator who would like to learn how to share your work? The Growth Summit will cover these topics (and many more) and provide indispensable advice to help you succeed.

The goal of this event is to inspire, connect you with the tools you need, and help you build your community. Sessions will take place across three tracks: blogging, business, and creative. You can take sessions on any or all tracks, and they’ll focus on four main topic areas: 

  • Site Structure & Design: Make your website look its best.
  • Content: Create great content to help your website grow.
  • Marketing: Grow your audience and reach.
  • Making Money: Monetize and scale your website.

Each day includes sessions with industry and business leaders, successful bloggers, and creatives, who will join experts for engaging talks and hands-on demonstrations to help your site grow. Hear from speakers like…

You’ll also have the opportunity to connect directly with our Happiness Engineers to ask your most pressing support questions. 

To stay accessible to a global audience, we’ll hold the event twice, with live sessions in all regions:

Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Africa — August 11-12, 2020

Asia Pacific — August 12-13, 2020

Want to learn more about the event and to take advantage of the early-bird pricing (available through July 31)?


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  1. Amitbhat0912

    I would love to join. I am residing in indonesia

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  2. Michelle Mwangi

    I’m so excited about this😀

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  3. Topsy

    I would like to participate in this. Is this available to UK users please?

    Kind Regards,

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    • Ben Huberman

      Hi Lorraine — yes, the conference is open to attendees from everywhere, and as the post mentions, is offered at two different times to accommodate people across a wide span of time zones. We hope you decide to join us!

      Liked by 14 people

  4. mphtheatregirl

    Sounds amazing!

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  5. nofisatolabisi234

    I’m looking forward to this

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  6. Jack thomson

    really excited for this.

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  7. suchandrima kundu

    I would like to participate in this. I am from India

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  8. deepanilamani

    Very Good news, for those who want and like to improve and also earn from their websites. Thank You!

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  9. gabytoo12

    Good one – Growing audience and reach is one major change people face . An opportunity to learn

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