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Expert Advice: How to Start Selling on Your Website

Our next webinar will introduce you to the ABCs of eCommerce.

Are you just taking your first steps selling a product or service online and don’t know where to begin? Be sure to register for our next 60-minute, free webinar, where our expert Happiness Engineers will walk you through the basics of eCommerce and show you how to set up your online store.

Date: Thursday, April 16, 2020
Time: 5 p.m. UTC | 1 p.m. EDT | 12 p.m. CDT | 10 a.m. PDT
Cost: Free
Who’s invited: business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, service providers, store owners, and anyone else who wants to sell a product or service online.
Registration link

Hosts Steve Dixon and Maddie Flynn are both veteran Happiness Engineers with years of experience helping business owners and hobbyists build and launch their eCommerce stores. They will provide step-by-step instructions on setting up:

  • Simple Payments — perfect for selling a single product or service.
  • Recurring Payments — great for subscriptions and donations.
  • WooCommerce — ideal for entrepreneurs who want to build an online store and automate sales.

No previous eCommerce experience is necessary, but we recommend a basic familiarity with to ensure you can make the most from the webinar. The presentation will conclude with a Q&A session (15-20 minutes), so you can already note down any questions you might have and bring them with you to the webinar.

Seats are limited, so register now to reserve your spot. See you then!

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  1. suestevens8blog


    Can this be replayed or accessed after the 16th ? (if possible)

    (I am in Australia and the call is at 3am)

    Thank you in advance

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  2. realcountofmontecristo

    Hi Marjorie, thanks for the share!

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  3. Little Borneo Girl

    Sounds interesting. I see lots of these webinars on fb and ignored them. You blogged your nicely. I think i missed the event or I’d be interested to join. Thanks.

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  4. hymint

    Super interesting!

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  5. Rebecca Padonu

    I look forward to it

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  6. BeyondRoot Technology

    Thanks for Sharing. . . . . .

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  7. Aanal Shah

    It was helpful. Thanks for writing!

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  8. Morten

    Hi. Looking forward to the webinar. How do I connect?

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    • Selena Jackson

      Hi there!

      To join a webinar, go to and click “Register for Free.” This will take you to the schedule of webinars, for each day you will see “Register Now” text. Once you click on that for the day you would like to attend, it will take you to the registration page for that day’s webinar.

      Hope this helps!

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  9. gufex

    I will love to be part of this training.

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  10. Linda H.

    To Whom It May Concern, I’m so sorry I missed today’s webinar, is there another coming up soon, or can I view it ??? Linda Hunter

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  11. Priyanka Desai

    Hey, i missed attending the webinar, is it possible to receive a video or so to get an idea. Thanks!

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