New Themes: Spirit and Spun

Happy Theme Thursday, all! Today I’m proud to introduce two new free themes to the theme family.

Spirit holiday theme


Spirit is a festive treat for your personal blog, complete with softly falling snow and a wintry color palette. Share past holiday memories or create a website to coordinate the next family Christmas party. Post formats allow you to highlight images, videos, quotes, and more, while the responsive design ensures your site looks great at any screen size.

Read more about Spirit on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your blog by going to Appearance → Themes.



Next up is Spun, a minimalist theme that puts the emphasis on your content; extraneous navigation fades away to put your words and images front and center. Whether you’re a writer, photographer, or personal blogger, Spun‘s beautiful typography and responsive design showcase your creativity with subtle elegance.

Read more about Spun on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your site under Appearance → Themes.

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  1. D'eBook Sharing

    Gonna have to try this out 😀


  2. timethief

    Lovely ( two times over) ! Thanks for keeping us supplied with beautiful themes that showcase our content so well. Best wishes to the Themes Team for a holiday season full of love and laughter.


  3. Michael Meiser

    I’m not a spiritual person, but I like Spirit’s fonts and its basic layout structure. Can we hope to see a season-independent variation of it in the future?



    I REALLY like Spun…thanks!


  5. aqilaqamar

    Wait, Spun is not new, it was already there in the theme archives.


  6. bumblepuppies

    Spirit seems to include all of the underlying structural elements I love about San Kloud. If and when the time comes for a change, it will be high on my list.


  7. Sheri

    Spun is a beautiful, unique theme. Caroline, I love your design work!


  8. katharinetrauger

    Love these! Thanks for thinking outside the box!


  9. Nina Vieira, Livreira

    Caroline Moore: você é uma artista!
    Sempre faço o possível para utilizar algum tema seu. Tenho dois blogs ativos e, no momento, ambos utilizam Spun.
    Obrigada por existir!


  10. aliciasak

    Very nice. Thank you!


  11. Jason Raysby

    I absolutely love the Spun design. I know that many of my friends could use this format to promote the art that they create, and I could even use this myself for my own business. In itself, the Spun design sort of brings the artist out of your inner self. It causes you to search for creativity in your head, and to put all your ideas into a collage of some sort. I love your methods of self expression through your designs, and I thank you for that!


  12. Luna Cooler

    I’m not saying that I don’t like the Spun theme (in fact I use it for my blog), but your official announcement of the Spun theme is relatively late, since the Spun theme has been here since November. (No offense.)


    • Caroline Moore

      This is true! Sometimes we’ll launch themes ahead of their official announcements to get them to ya’ll quicker. Really glad you’re enjoying Spun!


  13. cherylkarina




    Spirit + Spun = Suave, if I can describe it using a male adjective. Great design !! Thanks Caroline for spreading the Christmas cheer & wish you a safe & merry Christmas!


  15. Chinmay Naik

    Loved Spun. Thank you WordPress team. I hope flexible themes like this will continue to be launched in the coming times too. Cheers!


  16. jphardman

    Thanks for such wonderful mediums to enhance our thoughts.
    Now could someone explain to me how to create my blog in the 1st place.
    Easily confused!


  17. susancarey

    Thank you for the new themes. I’d like to use Spirit over the Christmas period. Is it easy to go back to my usual theme after that? And how do I do that? Apologies if this is a silly question.


  18. LukeOnWordpress

    I guess I’ll pick a new theme since I need to update to WordPress 3.8 anyways!


  19. shauna lee lange

    Spun has us crazy excited. Thank you!


  20. catabo

    I just made that theme on my blog!! I like how when you scroll down it looks like the snow is moving!


  21. KK Ghost Writer

    Spun is a piece of art in itself. Have just used it for my photography and absolutely love it!
    Thanks Caroline.


  22. living journey

    Absolutely LOVE spun! Perfect theme for my blog. Thank you ever so much. Have a GREAT Christmas!


  23. encouragementstop

    I have changed my theme to a Christmas theme, and I LOVE IT. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!!


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