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We’re always trying to get everyone the best information possible, and we take pride in our stellar support service. Sometimes, though, we run into a language barrier; not everyone blogs in English (thank goodness!).

So we’ve set up forums for some of our most popular languages: Español, Deutsch, Português do Brasil, Français, Italiano, Bahasa Indonesia, Nederlands, Svenska, Português, and Türkçe. A few of these are even in the correct language! (We’ll work on getting them all fully translated soon.)

Hopefully, these “international” forums will grow into great communities for sharing help, ideas and good times just like the English speaking forums have.

PS: Most of the translation was done by real people, but some of it was done by machine; don’t laugh too hard 🙂

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  1. Kyle

    Yay, more languages to learn =P Well international is good!


  2. Sarah

    😀 we’ll see what happens… porque yo blogueo en español 😉


  3. dott

    polish it’s also popular language here ;]


  4. happyatom

    Gotta love multiculturalism, rock on, wordpress!


  5. Eduardo Vega

    The same, I post in spanish
    However, let’s try it


  6. Solo

    WowdPwess. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit! com fowums, Intewnazionawe
    We’we awways twying to get evewyone the best infowmation possibwe, and we take pwide in ouw stewwaw suppowt sewvice. Sometimes, though, we wun into a wanguage bawwiew; not evewyone bwogs in Engwish (thank goodness!).

    So we’ve set up fowums fow some of ouw most popuwaw wanguages: Españow, Deutsch, Powtuguês do Bwasiw, Fwançais, Itawiano, Bahasa Indonesia, Nedewwands, Svenska, Powtuguês, and Tüwkçe. A few of these awe even in the cowwect wanguage! (We’ww wowk on getting them aww fuwwy twanswated soon, uh-hah-hah-hah. )

    Hopefuwwy, these “intewnationaw” fowums wiww gwow into gweat communities fow shawing hewp, ideas and good times just wike the Engwish speaking fowums have.

    PS: Most of the twanswation was done by weaw peopwe, but some of it was done by machine; don’t waugh too hawd

    And to help out, the Elmer Fudd version care of the Diactezer 😉

    Sorry guys – couldn’t resist 🙂

    = Solo xx


  7. Rui Martins

    We won´t! Thanks!
    And thanks to all, by having two “portuguese languages” on the list!


  8. unintendedpurpose

    Cool another way to interact with other bloggers and another place to ask for advice from more experienced people. Go ahead, it is quite a pleasure to use your software.

    Many thanks from germany



  9. Vivek Kumar

    на шордпрессе никто не пишет на русском языке 😦

    Just kidding 🙂 Good work!


  10. helgeduelbek

    Woo thanks very much, for Bahasa Indonesia forum. But why interface language not use bahasa Indonesia too?


  11. The Editor

    Awesome. And the features just keep coming


  12. Boeun

    I am Cambodian
    I want to have a Khmer language forum… :,)


  13. gioxx

    Very Good Work / Davvero un ottimo lavoro
    Thanks a lot! / Grazie mille! 😉


  14. happyatom

    Пишут, и ещё как (вроде), только что то все русские пишут по английски 😉


  15. Brent

    Why not just setup a global feature for language translation? There are wordpress plugins that allow translation. Why not just use these so everyone may participate in one forum, rather than having a forum for everyone?

    With this, the language that you choose in your profile, will be the language that is displayed, just like in your dashboard. Why not make it this way for all of wordpress, rather than just parts of it?

    That or just make everyone learn English.

    Just kidding!



  16. charleslemark

    I wish you would set-up more languages, specially Tagalog/Filipino..


  17. Fabio Bracht

    Brazil can count on me to help and chat in the forums. Way to go!


  18. जगदीश भाटिया

    Waiting also for Hindi forum.


  19. Ryan

    It would be cool if you guys could set up forums that are for general stuff, and aren’t related to getting help with WP at all. Like a huge community of WPers that could talk about whatever.


  20. rumours

    Yeah!!!WP rules,
    Cheers 8)


  21. insomnity

    Oh goodness. great work.


  22. Internet Monkey

    Me gusto pork.


  23. Ashish C.

    Pan me ase mhanto ki tumhi Marathi madhye sudha ka nahi chalu kele? 😛

    Great work folks. 🙂


  24. Rizwan

    Good thinking .. are you guys planning to have forums in more languages other than those mentioned???


  25. satur9

    Bedankt! 🙂

    Much appreciated!


  26. dianoia

    I post in Spanish too… and my English is not too brilliant (as you can see), so thank you, WP people!


  27. Chittaranjan

    Woot! WP is truly I18N’ed 😀


  28. Allu Fun Marx

    Greek also please…
    Κι ελληνικά ρε παιδιά!


  29. Pas

    Great. This will encourage me to write not only in Spanish and English, but also in Italian, German and Vasque. My multicultural friends will enjoy it. Besos :-*


  30. jornada



  31. gpessia



  32. kOoLiNuS

    count on me for some help with italian translation, if needed !!!


  33. 0nkulis

    When Latvian language will be presented in worpdress?? We have translated allmost all strings, there are less than 90 strings left?


  34. Helton

    Yeah!! Thanks for ‘Portuguese of Brazil’ =D


  35. sulz

    excellent job, wordpress! i hope to see the addition of more languages, like malay, german and maybe even mandarin (chinese), japanese and korean!


  36. saa

    Well done! but half of the population of the world is Chinese ;), how about their language to include?


  37. Kartik Mistry

    What about one forum for all Indic Languages? We really need it!!


  38. namxman

    1 for Vietnamese WordPress-er , plz 🙂


  39. Phoenix

    Superb! 🙂

    Absolutely Thoughtful! Just like WordPress..


  40. Klisiu

    Yeah maybe forums will be in polish (at least) 😀


  41. salute

    Thanks WordPress.com. I think, that forums will be very useful for WordPress.com users.


  42. Nicole



  43. Cem Basman

    We in Germany are discussing right now the possibility of automatically connecting the comment function of blogs to forums. Everytime somebody comments on a blog post that comment would appear as a forum post and start a thread in a central forum. The reason for this would be to promote less known blogs and to encourage commenting there.

    What do you think about this? Does this make sense to you?


  44. ching07

    great idea! i am bisaya, try to speak my language. how can i put smiley face here?


  45. ramoody5

    Iwas shocked that there was no arabic!!!!!


  46. brackeblogt

    thx for the dutch version!
    wordpress is one of the only ww-things that made it so far///


  47. Ricardo T.

    Great done, folks

    but I can’t understand the purpose of two separate “Português do Brasil” (sic) and “Português” forums. Portuguese is but one language -or it was, last time I checked. In my humble opinion, this is totally non-sense; you are isolating and labelling speakers of the same language just for they nationality. I’m a Galizanman myself, are you going to set up any “Português da Galiza” forum? 😦

    Indeed, we don’t have an American English forum, an Hibernian English one, an Australian English one, Scottish English and so on… Italian and Spanish (and French) have too a lot of dialects and “differences” among regions, countries and continents. Portuguese is the same language on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. We can deal with a few differences…

    Wouldn’t it be great to have an unified Portuguese language forum? As for me, it would. Absolutely.


  48. Beate

    What about changing the Swedish forum to a Scandinavian language forum?

    We have no problem communicating in the two Norwegian languages, Swedish and Danish at the same time.

    Just a thought.


  49. attraversogiardini

    Good Idea. Grazie from Italy 🙂


  50. Chelsea

    awesome, very helpful!


  51. phrostypoison

    Wow, Indonesian is one of the top languages!


  52. frenchninja

    Thanks 🙂 how long before the dashboard gets translated too, or have I missed the best-kept secret? 🙂 Top work as always.


  53. Thomas

    I think it’s a good idea. Thanks!


  54. Michael Sync

    cool… i hope, i can join the translation team for localizating of my language.


  55. Alter Ego

    Wow, now I got very confused when I came in to the Forum, and was redirected to the swedish one, who didn´t have anything in it.

    So I have to ask, shall every country start their own support forum or is the the meaning that someone shall translate everythin from the orginal forum?

    I don´t recognice me in the old forum either, so this realy mixed up my head 🙂


  56. DrumaTix

    Svo er náttúrlega spurning hvenær heimsveldið Ísland fær sitt spjallborð.

    -Iceland, with it’s population of 300.000 anxiously waits for its own forum. 😀


  57. that girl again

    Great, now can we please have forums that look like forums again instead of that weird simulacrum of this blog?


  58. bApHoMEt

    always a pleasure to be on wordpress. here’s another reason. thnx. great work.


  59. .:Marianis World:.



  60. ocanto

    Good work! Always improving 🙂


  61. axelmanhattan

    The Cosmopolism Rules All Around the World!
    Bella storia, i wordpress manager ruleggiano come al solito
    That’s cool but I’m afraid that nessuno qua intorno riesca a capire what’a’heck I’m saying… Espexially if I go on mixin’ English e Italiano…
    C’est bien, au revoir, madames et monsieurs!

    AF 🙂


  62. meteo

    Danke schön oder schoen.

    Again from Germany


  63. Zaid

    Where is the Arabic in all this? I thought it was a pretty hot language these days.


  64. Milla

    ¡Caramba, pero ustedes no paran de impresionarme! (I’m getting out of original compliment words in English for your outSTANDING work and CARING) SO WELL DONE!!! And thanks, guys! 😀


  65. MyScribbles: Write-ups of an Afghan

    good luck with the new forums. I hope they too become vibrant communities just like the English forum.


  66. itsmeritesh

    hey guys , please add some indian languages, probably hindi , we lack blogging platforms in hindi. I have seen many Indian people in the wordpress community, im sure they will be glad to help out in translations and more


  67. Ariadne

    thanks a lot guys! from Italy and me!


  68. kyramas

    Hm…no greek translation….. 😦


  69. Paulo Martins

    Excelente ideia!


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  71. osterreich

    Ja Himmelherrgottnochmal, wird aber auch Zeit für eine deutschsprachige Community!
    Auf geht’s, pack mas!


  72. Smiley

    You guys, rock! I feel safe in saying that since I’ve been on 4 different blogging providers. You respond back to inquiries. You have this built-in community. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is YOU ROCK! 🙂


  73. scopettg

    Where??? Where got such forum??? I’d like to join also. 🙂


  74. Irian

    Gracias 🙂


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  76. elelespaciodemartha

    ¿Pero en donde esta ese foro en español? ¿o donde se reunen los bloggueros que postean en este idioma?…. Necesito saber porque tengo muchas dudas tecnicas.



  77. Shawn15

    Please. Slovak language! Thanks…


  78. kristy

    How about a Norwegian one, too? 🙂


  79. Gizmy

    Awwww, I was hoping for a Noewrgian one too T_T


  80. p o t l a t ch

    wordpress.com: Foros en castellano

    Vía Proletarium (que lo trae por un meneo ), me entero que por iniciativa de un usuario, se ha creado la sección en castellano de los foros de ‘wordpress.com’. La misma, parte de un comentario que ‘outime’ -admin y hacedor d…


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