January Wrapup

January saw a couple of feature launches, but each was pretty big:

I think that last item slowed us down a little bit. 🙂

But it didn’t slow you guys down at all! January was a pretty remarkable and record-breaking month stats-wise.

January stats: 89k blogs, 96k users, switched themes 479k times, 2.22 million posts, 409k pages, 1.3 million comments, 536k file uploads, and 126 million pageviews. (Not counting admin section, images, CSS, RSS feeds, etc.)

All of those numbers are up 20-30% from last month, so we’re really excited about how things are going.

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  1. resourceful

    You guys have been awful busy. Keep up the good work!


  2. Nicole

    Indeed! I’ve just started a community knitting blog that I anticipate becoming very large…. And I’m so happy that people will be exposed to WP through it. You guys are amazing!


  3. linusmann

    Keep up the great work. You make blogging so fun that I don’t have to leave the house. But if I don’t leave the house, what will I blog about? Life’s full of difficult choices.


  4. Brian Alexander

    I’m glad you guys are always growing..it’s nice. WP is my life..cuz it’s my blog..haha


  5. happyatom

    Sweet! I love the idea of uploading sounds, that was cool. Now, if only I could find a personal use for it…
    Wordpress is great!


  6. Brian Purkiss

    AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work!!!
    Y’all have made blogging so easy, fun, and professional looking – all at the same time. It’s awesome. Thanks!!!

    You might want to consider adding a rating system for WP posts. That would be neat.


  7. aishel

    You forgot to mention new theme: Sunburn!

    You have to give yourself credit where credit is due!


  8. emoat

    Keep up the great work WP!!


  9. hardrockhideout

    Hope I am helping to crank those numbers up! 🙂


  10. Chelsea

    Thats so awesome! Great work!


  11. NAyK

    Best feature of January… Click stats! Worst feature of January… You guys going to Mexico! We missed you all! 🙂


  12. Ashish C.

    Keep up the goodwork guys! [How about letting us track hits specifically for each month on our blogs? i.e. like say total hits for jan?]


  13. Rizwan

    thats cool ..


  14. Lori

    I agree with Brian..you guys ARE awesome! The only thing I would like that we dont have is the option to install ANY WP theme. Keep up the great work, guys!!


  15. enkerli

    One problem with monthly updates is that we come to expect regular improvements. In fact, every so often, I find myself looking through the Dashboard for new features.
    In my mind, there are two sets of improvements on WP.com:
    a) improvements which give us equivalent features to those on autonomous installations of WordPress (uploading sounds, maybe podcasting?);
    b) cool features which leverage the power of the WP.com community.
    Though I long for the first ones (podcasting??), I definitely can see more “added value” with the second ones. Not “added value” in the sense that they’re the features for which we should pay (the current structure seems to make sense). But “added value” in that it brings WordPress.com blogs together in a dynamic that standalone WordPress cannot achieve.
    I still wish that these new features will bring me more comments from WP.com bloggers. One thing LiveJournal, MySpace, and Facebook have had for themselves is that it’s quite easy to comment on a “friend’s” blog. WP.com needs not transform itself in a “social networking site” but the surfers and lists of comments may eventually make the Dashboard a good interface to generate friendly blog-fire.

    Turn it on!


  16. engtech

    Don’t forget about the Splashcast widget support (although not as much work on your end as Snap Preview support).



  17. insomnity

    wow. there’s no stopping wp! keep it up.


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  19. Alex

    January has been a great month! Good work guys!


  20. Yusuf ESENKAL

    i really really appreciate your work. guyz you all make us wealthy & so do we 🙂
    but one more thing would be wonderful if you could add a widget which allows us to put something like zoom clouds? just wanted to share…
    take care


  21. katm

    I love WP!

    I’ve only been using the site for 6 weeks now, when people ask me about starting a blog I always recommend WP.

    I tried out a couple sites before settling in here, but I’m glad I made the choice I did.

    Keep up the good work. I’m always looking forward to seeing what’s coming up next.



  22. ideasmith

    That’s a great start to the year. Good going guys and keep up the good work so we can all keep blogging!


  23. ajcann

    Great job guys, keep it coming. I love the new functionality for music and videos. Shame about the Snap debacle though – off by default please!


  24. Brent

    Good stuff, but where is the video player? Is it done yet? Also, to use it, does one have to have it hosted on wordpress.com, or will it work like the audio player, and let you host it anywhere, like Archive.org, which lets you host audio, video, and many other filetypes for free?


  25. oldgreypoet

    A great start to what I’m sure will be a great year. Glad you folks took time for a break in the sunshine.


  26. Chittaranjan

    Great start to the new year! KIU.


  27. cmerry

    Thank you for everything I have learned a lot and its been amazing here. 🙂 You have helped more than you know soooooo thanx.


  28. Qsar

    GJ……love wordpress.com


  29. shem kerr

    You forgot to mention the new presentation in the fora. Um, the wonderful alternating or rotating presentation.


  30. amiripz

    Keep up this cool work Matt and Co.
    You are bringing some fantastic features constantly and making WP bloggers happy to be around.


  31. rumours

    Hey Guys..
    all the best WP!
    thanx 😆


  32. Nicola



  33. blayde

    Great stuff this month, WP forever…


  34. turmalina

    Thank you for everything..


  35. Unique Fish

    Keep up the good work. As a side note, I quite liked you guys slowing down a bit. It gave me some time to catch up with the previous months’ new features of WP.



  36. icedmocha

    I’ve been amazed by the growth of WordPress since I started my blog. This is an excellent place to be. Keep up the great work.


  37. ifphc

    Thanks for all the updates. You guys ROCK!


  38. strawdog

    Great work, guys!


  39. sooperkev



  40. Nita

    I would be very interested to know which country is showing the highest increases! I know that WordPress is getting very popular here in India.


  41. pakosuperstar

    why don’t you come to visit Ecuador! hehe


  42. Queen Ebong

    You guys have done alot and we wordpress bloggers really appreciate it. For once I wish there was something “we” wordpress users could do to show appreciation.

    We are looking forward to more add ons this month.

    Keep up the good work. We love it


  43. Madeira

    keep the good work guys.


  44. sanityforsale

    Yeah, its been a good month.

    Come check out the hundereds of documentarys i have on my site.

    can’t help a little bit of self promotion can we.. heh


  45. laity

    Hey guys
    Wordpress is the most great one i ever use
    thanks for ur great job
    well done


  46. dianoia

    Congratulations for your great work. What will be next? Let us be surprised!


  47. Maltesh Ashrit

    Thats a wonderfull thing to happen
    Hope u’ll include more stat info like Google Analytics


  48. Pas

    We all thank your efforts!
    Great job guys 🙂


  49. chanux

    As I always say…….
    Word Press Rox!


  50. tobeme

    Impressive numbers, you must be doing something right!


  51. MCA

    Would just add, amidst all the new stuff, the responsiveness when a comment is put in the feedback tab is phenomenal! I haven’t had a single question disappear in to some vast dark hole.


  52. Sha

    Wow…stats are looking good.


  53. John Campbell Rees

    I moved to WordPress in January, and have rediscovered the joys of blogging. I wish I had done it sooner.


  54. unintendedpurpose

    Hey You might go anywhere as long as You keep up the good work. January was fine, but now we gotta start through to the rest of the year, right?

    Yeeas, yeah – 2007 here we go!

    Keep On Rocking WordPress. Give it to the people – so that anyone could spread the word 🙂



  55. talullah

    I love you guys! *tears*

    Thanks for all the features.


  56. avuee

    Just as an FYI, with the Chaotic Soul theme, the widgets aren’t appearing where they should.


  57. christianactionnetwork

    Thanks for everything , you guys have made me a ‘Blog Junkie’
    I wonder if they have a rehab for that? If not I recommend you guys
    create a rehab Addon for people like me. LOL, Thanks again for everything!


  58. Chelsea

    Something Id like to see a well is a sidebar widget for setting up polls. I think the option of that kinda feedback would be really neat. I think its been mentioned on a couple of the forums.
    I love wordpress – great work!


  59. mysimsreality

    You guys are simply awesome! Thanks for all you do for us. 🙂


  60. dewo

    I love the Snap. It’s awesome.

    Great job.


  61. grhomeboy

    Mexico, hmm! and you left your loyal wp members all alone…out in the cold! Next time you travel please invite us all 🙂 Let’s have a beach party!

    Did I say thank you? no, didn’t, so thank you guyz!


  62. ramoody5

    I love every thin in jan
    thnx guys


  63. itsmeritesh

    you deserve the success, wordpress is the most amazing blogging framework around. ella was awesome. who’s next? and keep up the good work


  64. NW

    You guys are simply the best! BTW please fix that you no what. 🙂


  65. maique

    you deserved the trip, you’ve been doing great work.


  66. mitzot

    thank you, you guys, for all your hard work ;-*


  67. Milla

    Hope you’re as proud of the extraordinary job you do as I am for being HERE! (And that is VERY proud!)


  68. Scottk

    You guys really are doing a great job, everything is looking and running great glad for the growth. But er….uhmm… one thing ??? Do you thin it might be possible to have China Red as a Theme. I would offer you my first born , but that ain’t gonna happen . I mean there will be no first borns . So cuould you lokk into ti ? Many many thanks !!!


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  70. Helton

    Thanks, AGAIN, for your works!


  71. Solo


    Listen, everyone is brown-nosing but I’m gonna have to say it as it is.
    Yar, fair enough you guys do a wicked job but you really let me down in a big way – and to be honest, I’m really suprised. Disappointed, I guess.

    My ticket didn’t turn up in time.
    You guys are so wonderful that I’m not even going to question whether you invited me to go to Mexico or not – in all your wonder and splendor, you couldn’t not have.

    But to not make sure my ticket got to me.

    Guys, guys *shakes head despairingly*……

    Worse still, as I missed Mexico I’ve got no tan.
    I’m gonna have to brown-nose myself just to get some color…

    The things you make me do.

    (thank you – love the way WP is growing in every which way) 😉

    – Solo xx


  72. photographerno1

    I think stumbling face first at Brandon Stones photoblog org, discovering Word Press has been the hand of god..a divine intervention, I am not a net savvy gent, but my blogs are about the underbelly of man his fears , his faith , his ritualism..all reaching out to a singular god.. a god that is not fire or brimstone , a god that does not taunt man to destroy mankind..but man does it , destroying what took hundred of years to build..
    I think Peace has been battered , bruised , sleeps with any warlord ..peace is nothing but another word for prostituted panic stricken perversion..
    I sincerely feel this world is nothing but a cauldron of hate,,, self destruct ..
    As a PhotoBlogger I feel we with a few words and pictures add to the meanming of life and living ..without editorial constrains, we heal from a distance…we have that power atleast unleashed …to save us from ourselves…



  73. bfjs

    I just set up a blog throug your vehicle and am impressed how easy it was. Thanks for the great work.


  74. Zaroh

    AWESOME stats! keep it going – i’ve been a/r the blogging block a number of times and WordPress.com is MOST DEFINITELY the way to go!!!


  75. brackeblogt

    GREAT JOB mister!


  76. autumnrose

    Snap is so neat! Thanks for that one 🙂


  77. Iain

    Although I’ve had a WP blog sitting Idle for a couple of months I only made it my home on the net a few weeks ago.I have been so happy with the blog and even more happy with the support you guys offer; always quick and to the isue at hand.
    This refugee from “Blogger ” has no qualms about singing the praises of WordPress far and wide.


  78. JanieBelle

    You forgot to mention that you began censoring blogs. Where is that on the wrapup?


  79. forchilli

    i LOVE snap preview, thanks alot.


  80. Noscere

    A Great start for 2007 and Wp keep up the fantastic work you lot are doing, though I cant see what elts you lot can do to make WordPress any better than it is already 🙂


  81. BurocraciaNeuronal

    thank you all for that amanzing service… that’s why you’re growing each month




  82. valluri

    That’s great work. keep it up, guys.


  83. incoddnito

    Is the best..everyone knows,how hard you work ; wordpress is cool and thankx for baring with me too ..keep it up lovers !!


  84. Vikram Kamath

    WordPress seems to be amazing. I just started using wordpress and in the process of moving from blogger. I like it already. You guys have done an amazing job.

    Q. When will you be able to move posts from the new blogger???


  85. Bobbo

    WordPress rocks, yo!


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  87. MERI Director, Jenn Steinfeld

    WordPress, you guys rule. Your faq has enabled me to impress my friends who run a web design company with my tech savvy, embedding video and including an RSS feed in my sidebar. Thanks for booting my luddite behind gently into the 21st century! Now if I can just keep my blogging under control so I don’t get a divorce while working for marriage equality….


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  89. Khaidar

    wonderful. keep it up…


  90. usura

    No wonder WP is the best! Nice features, great templates, the best community… always something new to see and talk about… keep it up guys!

    Hasta luego!


  91. jobconger

    You’ve restored my enthusiasm for blogs, thanks to the ease of use at WordPress. I sometimes wish there were choices for fonts and font sizes. Wonder if this is not the difference between the utilitarian approach (Microsoft) and the “joy de vivre” approach (Apple). In the meantime, I am happy as a happy clam with the rest of the visual aspects and happy as a moderately happy clam with the font business. I will continue to recommend only WordPress to my friends and associates. BRAVO! On with the show!


  92. MGK

    It is really good to have Blog where several features are embedded together.

    I Thank WORDPRESS Team !…

    Wish u Good Days Ahead 🙂


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