New Theme: Garland (and rockin’ color picker!)

We were so impressed with Drupal‘s new theme, that we decided to port it to WordPress and let everyone here have at it. So here it is: Garland a.k.a “Themetastic” by Stefan Nagtegaal and Steven Wittens.

Garland preview

Garland is a great, three column, widget friendly theme in soothing blue, but what we think you’ll really go gaga for is the color customizer that comes with it. Not feeling so soothing? With just a few clicks, you can change to sandy earth tones, gothic black or that electric pink look you’ve been wanting for so long. Got school pride? Try out your school colors. Go patriotic. Go ghastly. Whatever, go crazy!

On another note, we’re curious which color picker you like better: the one available in themes like Kubrick that offer a custom header, or the one in in this theme. Feel free to let us know which and why in a comment here.

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  1. stevenunc



  2. iateacher

    OMG — I LOVE the new theme Garland!! I just activated it and customized my sidebars, header colors, etc. TOTALLY me!! Thanks so much. I don’t think I’ve ever used the color picker in any theme but this one, but I will say I like this one! I can use the hexidecimal equivalents OR click on the circle and/or box inside and get my color. The fact that it previews is great so i can see what it’s going to look like before I commit to anything is nice also. Thanks for a great theme!!


  3. Matt

    *drools* theme has been changed INSTANTLY…


  4. Rakesh

    beautiful !!


  5. earthenvessel

    The color picker is great, but if I have to choose between color picker and custom header, it’s the header hands down everytime. Now, if I coul have both in a single theme… 😛


  6. scrunchyy

    Thank you for the new theme. It combines my two favorite characteristics of a theme into one: the freedom to choose colors and three columns. The possibilities are endless. This will be fun to play with in the next few days.


  7. blayde

    Great looking theme, if i ever need a new one, il def look this up


  8. axewielderx

    Now if this came with the ability to use a custom banner…well, it would be what I have been looking for!


  9. mdawaffe


    Could you give me an example of a post of yours on which this disappearing image bug happened? You can either write back here or send us a feedback.



  10. Lucas

    Cooooool!! I take it 🙂


  11. Andy

    So isn’t this part of the Drupal core 5 theme? who is borrowing the theme from who? is the theme open source? Seems kind of strange that WordPress would make this available when it was a major feature of the yet unreleased Drupal 5. Maybe I will go over to S. Wittens page and read more about this.


  12. jcastaneyra

    Great! it is changed now!


  13. Elaine

    This is nice but I haven’t tried yet. The color picker is definitely a good idea. Congrats on the new theme, and I have a feeling you’re all still up to more this December (like, for example and I hope there’ll be, a ‘Christmasy’ one). Wouldn’t that be so nice? 🙂


  14. mdawaffe


    As the post mentions, this is a Drupal theme that we’ve ported to WordPress. Everything is open source. Such a great theme deserves a lot of exposure!


  15. Nanyaar?

    Simply Awesome, the best I should say


  16. Lisa

    YAYAYA purples and greens here I come!!
    I love this one! I cant wait to go to sleep so I can wake up in the morning and get it all purdied up! Thanks!


  17. Chittaranjan

    Nice again! Will try it…

    *Scoots off….*


  18. aussiesapphire

    mdawaffe – I immediately switched over because I really liked the look of this new theme and noticed that the images on my most recent post (which are uploaded to wordpress) were not showing as described. Images in the previous two posts which are linked to instead of uploaded were ok. So I switched back to my old theme but I really liked the colour thing and the blue and 3 columns layout were very good.



  19. Ashish C.

    Nice.. If only it had a custom header….


  20. the record keeper

    Nice. It’s changed, but with a few problems changing colours. For the rest is great!


  21. NAyK

    Hmmm. Excellent text side-bar layout but no custom header. boo hoo.


  22. MadMark

    Lovely theme!!


  23. hildy

    It’s awesome! I’m playing with the pink hues…


  24. K

    Finally a 3 Columns Theme. But I agree with axewielderx, a customizable header would have been more stunning. Thanks for this new Theme tho’.


  25. Karen

    this is fantastic thanks again, you guys!


  26. belindaschneider

    swell idea the color picker. but useless to me in the end since it doesn’t opt for a custom header.


  27. ish

    The theme looks lovely but still,a customizable header could make it very good.Everyone wants to have individuality in their blogs and that’s where the headers come in.


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  29. misslionheart

    Yes, I agree, great theme thoughh.


  30. Chittaranjan

    I disagree with the need for a custom header! IMHO


  31. Wengistein

    Oh wow that is a rocking theme, I am impressed once again.


  32. carocat

    That looks like a nice theme. Might try it later. 🙂

    Glad to see that there are more and more 3 column themes coming. Really appreciate your work.


  33. cbbugbee

    Noob question, so I apologize upfront. But WHERE/HOW is this theme to be downloaded?




  34. yongsheng

    that’s a great idea! customizing your own colours… gd work.

    but not much customisation. i’d use it if i could customize it, like the headings, etc.


  35. Alexliam

    The color picker doesn’t run fine.


  36. danishalhyderabadee

    customizable header woudl be awwwwsome


  37. apek-kun

    love it..thanks a lot guys..


  38. charleslemark

    I love the new theme, and it makes a good theme for christmas colors (green and red). My blog has now the perfect theme for holidays.


  39. nobody

    goood theme
    but i think

    this theme not good for IE
    good for firefox

    plz check it
    and plz optimiz it for IE !! 😉

    because a lot of visitors use IE 😉 🙂

    thanks dear mdawaffe


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  41. Bala

    But the Colums are not getting layed out properly..can you do something about it, am getting the sidebars seperately


  42. ponzonha

    Very nice. However I am having some problems with changing the colours.


  43. HoRtZoN

    Nice theme!


  44. disembedded

    Hi mdawaffe,

    To my taste, this theme is the best so far. I played around with the colors and got a nice, soothing look (which does a good job of softening the sometimes outspoken tone of my articles). So “Garland” Plus the soft ambient sounds of “SongSpot” just made my day!! Everyone is welcome to see what it looks like on my site, along with my new Christmas posting of Renegade Christmas Poetry.

    Thanks very, very much!


  45. Neville

    Another great theme! Let’s have more coming, please!


  46. Michael Sync

    I love it. 🙂
    but I can’t use it because there is no style for PRE tag..
    pre { width: 500px; margin: 0 0 20px 0; overflow: auto; font-size: 1.3em; float: left; clear: both; }

    Some of my long coding are not showing in this theme..
    It would be great if someone add a style for PRE tag. Thanks.


  47. alin andrei

    wow, it looks awasome!


  48. alin andrei

    one thing about it though… the text spacing (between lines) is too big 😦


  49. Bane

    err, why can’t I change colors? I go to customization options, pick the colors I need, click “save colors” and the page refreshes but the colors are the old one…why?

    I have tried both on FFox and IE


  50. Jan

    I am still unsure if I will switch, the theme is great! However, the color picker does not work for me ATM (changes do not get saved, after clicking the save button I get the original colors again).


  51. maique

    i agree with the custom header.
    the color picker works great, but i would love to also be able to choose a header.

    and i love the 3 column layout, one on each side.


  52. tana

    Maybe it’s strange – I like this theme too. My blog theme has been changing so many times 🙂


  53. Charlotte

    I love it! But I do agree a custom header would make it so much nicer.


  54. macdavid

    now we’re cookin’… excellent! it is always easiest not to reinvent the wheel… no doubt someone has tackled the same needs before… like others, would love to be able to change the colour of the header… is the most public statement of a site, that tweak and I would soon be a proud switcher!


  55. NW

    BTW… Great work!!


  56. David Raho

    This looks like the theme I have been waiting for. Many thanks you clever people.


  57. amiripz

    This is indeed a fantastic theme and I intend to try it!


  58. blogscapes

    Cool! Will be trying it out!


  59. Evey

    absolutely the best i’m sure!
    I can’t wait to try now…


  60. Alexliam

    When I try to set my own colorset it back to default. Where is the problem?


  61. sabass

    muito belo!


  62. Brian

    Would love to see support for the tagline, or a custom header, and also a way to remove the author’s name from every post/page.


  63. Surion E.

    Well. Let’s take a look…


  64. Just Mohit

    Currently the theme on my blog is black with grey text, which i love. Although I just hate the fact that the links appear in white! 😦

    I’d love to be able to have a theme where i could specify the header, as well as the colours (of the background, text & links)


  65. kisknit

    Very nice temlpate. Love, love, love the columns on each side. Now, if it had a customizeable header, it would be the most perfect template ever.


  66. strategicalliance

    sigh…time to switch again…u guys are toooooo good…


  67. icedmocha

    Thanks for a great theme. Giving the end user more choice and greater range for creativity is always a good thing, IMHO. It would be fabulous to be able to have a custom header as well as the color control; after all, the custom header is the most creative tool we have at our disposal to express our individuality.


  68. GameBlog

    Cool theme, I like the custom colours and the wide layout. Thanks for it


  69. Sr. Silva

    The color picker is great, but if I have to choose between color picker and custom header, it’s the header hands down everytime. Now, if I coul have both in a single theme… 😛

    hear hear.


  70. gumdiseasetips

    Thanks for great idea of creating for others!


  71. David

    This theme is fantastic! It’s clean, allows for good content, and can still look pretty :).

    I along with everyone else would love to see this one with a customer header. As long as it didn’t sacrifice the transparency used by the layout. A customer header that still allows the transparency would be amazing. Even if we had to host the image at our own place (photobucket, exc.)

    Appreciate all the work WordPress guys.


  72. GS Defender

    Extra cool! Thanks!


  73. michaeldc

    Custom header wins for me,
    But when we will be getting a theme where we can customize the header and customize the colors? 😀

    Love you guys at WordPress!


  74. Fabio Bracht

    The color picker is SO awesome, but I can’t make it work. No matter what button I press, both of them work as “Return as Default Colors”. I would really like a green-based theme with orange links, but can’t chage it. Could you guys lend me a hand?

    I’ll head for the Feedback form in the dashboard.

    But the theme is awesome and I’ll stick with it even if I can’t change the colors!


  75. dailypiglet

    Loving the color picker situation! Altho, reading the comments by my wordpress “community” that the header isn’t customizable. I’m just betting the farm that the WordPress Wizards are all ready ALL OVER THAT.

    Thanks wizards, you never cease to amaze me. I’m off to water the witch.

    Yours truly-


  76. RegiVizz

    Perfect! Except…I’ll echo everyone else…a custom header with this theme would rock. Love the 3 columns and the custom coloring, but I’ll stick with my current theme because of the custom header.


  77. aishel

    Finally! A three-column theme that is aesthetically pleasing!! 🙂 Thanks 🙂


  78. cherryblossomgirl

    woohoo! Very cool looking. I vote for adding a custom header option to it. Keep up the good work, wordpress. We luv ya!


  79. sulz

    if only we could put a custom header at the title bar… but that’s just me being overly nitpicking.

    i bloody love it!


  80. jasonintx

    The color selector is huge for!!

    I’d like to see that on other themes.


  81. MCA

    It looks great. Is there any chance of adding a page template to change the layout on other secondary pages? I also lost the Home page if I clicked on one of my pages is there a way around that?


  82. E@zyVG

    Really cool theme … using for my personal blog now. Tnx.


  83. Just a Voice

    This is great!
    I have been wanting a good 3 column theme, that is not boring and dark. This theme gives me the option to “Change it Up” while enjoying the flexibility that I need with the three column layout.

    I have to agree that it could use a custom header option.
    Thanks for all you guys do here at WordPress.


  84. nickeoaddiction

    it’s really this great? all righty , i gotta try


  85. Stiletto Girl

    This is one of your better ones! I like it a lot, and if you add a custome header, it would be perfect!

    Hot pink, here I come!


  86. Uno De Waal

    One more plug for a custom header!
    Simply changing the colour scheme doesn’t really say that much about you or your blog.


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  88. engtech


    Very good.

    Up at WP Theme if anyone wants to kick the tires.


  89. yucca

    sorry for being thick: but how does one check it out without activating it?


  90. Ty

    I love this new Theme. I activated it immediatley after reading this entry. I love how everything looks sooo clean. I haven’t fiddled with the color picker…yet…but I will soon.

    The only thin that would make this Theme better, would be an option for a custom Header image. Maybe you will add the color picker feature to more themes…

    Thanks to WP for such agreat service and thanks Stefan Nagtegaal and Steven Wittens for such a great theme!


  91. penseroso

    This one is awesome. I have changed the theme and I’m sticking with it . . . until an even better one comes along. 🙂


  92. Me.

    I like this color-picker better than the other.

    Garland is a great theme, but bulletted lists don’t seem to work correctly.


  93. taraden

    Oooohhh…. I like! But yes… a customizable header would be a very nice addition.


  94. Curtis

    Very nice, very nice. Me like. But any chance of a custom header?


  95. liquidat

    You are so crazy! It is awesome! 😀


  96. tobeme

    Love having choices!! Very cool!


  97. ehab

    Lovely indeed. I would use it for my personal blog @ WP


  98. tendrils

    Awesome! I love it! THANK YOU!


  99. Jeff

    I really, really want to use this theme, but I think there are a couple of bugs in it.

    First, most of the pictures in my posts disappeared.

    Second, the bullet-points for the lists on the sidebars don’t seem to be working very well.

    Can we get this fixed?


  100. materialmama

    Awesome, thank you!!


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