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Let’s be honest, we know you guys are looking at you stats all day. In fact, as we speak we’re migrating our stats system to a new set of servers to make it even speedier for you to reload all day and keep up with the millions of pageviews you’re all getting.

Our latest improvement to the stats system is pretty simple but we hope you’ll like it anyway. It’s basically a quick way to switch between your different blog stats:

Blog Stats Switcher

This allows you to switch quickly between your different blog and feed stats for multiple blogs you might have.

As you may have picked up on, we’re trying to make the Dashboard part of the Dashboard more global, allowing you to easily access all your blog information in one logical place.

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  1. generally

    Hey, I just saw this feature. And I must say, it helps me a lot. Thanks a lot!


  2. Rui Martins

    good idea… I was using the tabbed windows on Firefox just to keep open both the Dashboard, the bloig and… the stats page!… Of all my 3 blogs.


  3. bho

    Nice piece of improvement, good job and keep on improving… thanks.


  4. NAyK

    Hey thanks for this feature. Really helped. Now, if only it’s easier to switch between blogs for all the manage dashboard features! Thanks again.


  5. storymode

    Even though I’m only styling one blog, this is a nice addon. Nice work guys and thanks ^^


  6. Oromë

    A step in the good direction. A couple things I would love to see implemented here:

    1. In the stats, I would like to know how many returning visitors I get each day. A table that shows total visitors, first time visitors and returning visitors perhaps.
    2. It would be handy if I could switch to my other blog dashboard or, even better (as you say you are going to do), work on both blogs from the same dashboard. Post a new article on blog 1 or 2 from the dashboard, for example, without the need to switch.


  7. Matt

    It’s the little things that count, as they say 😉 Thank you!


  8. Emlyn

    Really, really useful! This’ll save a lot of clicking back and forth. Thanks!


  9. grandiosa12

    i have a problem viewing in 800 x 600 resolution.. or is it just me?


  10. Capri

    Hey, my post stats work now when they never did before. lol


  11. Matt

    gradiosa12, it’s not designing to really work on anything less than 1024×768 right now, but I’ll look at what we can do for folks with really small screens.


  12. nuytsia

    Oh yes, that’s very snazzy!
    Nice job. 🙂


  13. Kichigai-san

    Yaay! Rulez! I really need it! Thanks :))


  14. girlfriday

    Thanks. I hate to admit that I look at the stats … but I do. And wordpress makes it easy 🙂


  15. axewielderx

    More stats,just what we all needed!


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  17. Cairene

    Maybe i’m just stupid. But i have yet to figure out how to be in dashboard and click to my other blog. The only way i’ve figured out is to replace the blog name in the address bar.

    On the other hand when you’re logged in and viewing a blog, you can always move your mouse over the dashboard in the top left and pick which dashoard you want to go to.


  18. ish

    Excellent Idea! We don’t have to keep switching dashboards now.


  19. Matt

    Cairene, you’re not dumb, that’s just too hard right now. We’re going to make it easier.


  20. carocat

    This is great. I’ve had this problem that I had to switch between Dashboards to see the stats, this is so much better.

    Thanks, guys. 🙂


  21. kIrA`

    and this is encouraging us to create more blogs!


  22. Hari Sudibyo

    THX TO U, good job.


  23. Kichigai-san

    Erhm, btw, Matt… what is a “Updates” tab in your screenshot? 🙂 Some beta-feature or what? 🙂


  24. जगदीश भाटिया

    This is very good!! 🙂


  25. passya

    cool… nice improvement! thanx…


  26. gpessia

    🙂 works fine!


  27. Sha

    Yay…makes it so much easier to view stats without having to switch dashboards!


  28. Rizwan

    Definitely, make things easier alot!


  29. Dave

    I’m crazy about wordpress now. (: Although like many, I only have one wp blog because one is more than we can ask for – at least for me. You guys are a wonder; makes me proud to use wordpress! (:


  30. feartheseeds

    Yeah… just what we need, another excuse not to move. “Just a few fewer finger movements per day”, that’s exactly what the doctor told me just the other day. “Really, you’re just not sedentary enough.” Holy crap Matt, when did they get you on the payroll of the Artifical Heart Industrial Complex? Jesus. Take a frigging break, seriously, just a few weeks. Anymore help like this and I’m going to fuse with the freaking keyboard.


  31. MCA

    I noticed the stats feature this morning. Great idea. I have a smaller screen also so the text is truncated but the stats part works fine.


  32. astasia

    A great idea…but it would be need to resize the graph …actually i don’t see the last part with the stat of the day…
    Thanks for all!


  33. Sr. Silva

    While I only have one blog now, this is a very welcome addition, except for the 800×600 problem. Wouldn’t an horizontal menu work just as well ?


  34. Christian

    chaught … thx


  35. BFP

    Thanks guys!

    Suggestion… we’d love to see an ability to look at historical status over a year or a number of months.

    “in your spare time”



  36. intlxpatr

    Wooo Hooooo! I love it!

    And I would also like to know about repeat visitors, more about where viewers are finding me, etc.


  37. rachelcreative

    Yeah! Great feature stumbled upon by accident. Thank you! 😀


  38. Mr. Rogers

    Man this site is great! I can’t believe all of the things you offer! Thanks!


  39. maique

    it’s nice to have them in the same place.


  40. vsiva

    Thanks, nice work. Saves our time


  41. strategicalliance

    cool ness….thank u


  42. James17930

    NAyk said it best.


  43. Merri Williams

    First Sonific and now this! Thank you, thank you, *thank* you! 🙂


  44. icedmocha

    This is a terrific improvement. Thanks!


  45. C4RL05

    Nice one. You guys are doing an excellent work!


  46. Casey

    This is a great improvement, even though I really don’t get many pageviews, but I still constantly look at the stats for my two blogs.


  47. Chittaranjan


    Can something be done to make posts into whichever blog we want from a single Posting window?

    :mrgreen: Mebbe thatz too much to ask!


  48. Ashish C.

    Kewl. I noticed this in the morning. Nice system.

    In fact, as we speak we’re migrating our stats system to a new set of servers to make it even speedier for you to reload all day

    By the way, is that why my blog seems to be getting redirects or data from [While loading the page]


  49. mooth

    Pretty useful…but for now i just have one blog ^^



  50. tobeme

    Another great feature, thank-you!


  51. Brian

    Good job, Matt!


  52. theskilled



  53. சத்தியா

    This is very good.


  54. Shae

    Sounds good to me 🙂


  55. Jayman

    This is fantastic, been praying for something like this but have been to lazy to bring it up in the forums, glad someone else thought of it too.

    Great team we have here at WP!


  56. engtech

    Any chance you could fix the problem with trying to look at the stats for an individual post?

    It only shows the total if the post has a very small title.


  57. Rattling the Kettle

    Thanks, Matt, this is a very useful feature. But lose the Yankees hat. 😉


  58. raincoaster

    Unfortunately, that image is just about what I see; I cannot see the graph results for the last two days, as they are off the page to the right. And I cannot scroll left-right either. I hope you guys get this fixed. I’m a stat junkie.

    On the other hand, I am saving a helluva lot of time every day.


  59. ouroboros

    For those of us with only one blog, it’s looks kind of funny sitting over there pulling the eye left. It shouldn’t be too hard for the code to distinguish between people with only one blog (and omit the switcher) and those with multiple blogs (who could actually use it).

    On another stats-related point, I still feel like the stats graphs should baseline at zero, rather than “the lowest number over the last thirty days”.

    The current system tends to visually exaggerate changes (making a change of 100 to 200 look like a factor of 100 rather than a factor of 2 change.)

    Edward Tufte, in “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information,” calls this the “lie factor” and warns against it — after pointing to a lot of embarrassing examples in USA Today statshots etc. So, I’d still love to see this change made.


  60. klisiu

    That Stats Blog Switcher is cool 😉 Thx Matt 😉


  61. timethief

    Thank you. This is a convenience I will use frequently. 🙂


  62. bloglily

    This is a terrific idea. Thanks for putting it together. Am I the only person though who can’t see today’s stats? They’re over there at the far right of the screen and although I can click on the day, the number’s off the screen.


  63. vjp

    This is one of those things that I wish we had an option to display or not. Since I only have one blog, it is useless to me. And it messes up the display in Mozilla, forcing me to widen the screen to see the actual stats. At the least, couldn’t it be smaller and less obtrusive? Or how about putting it across the top instead of down the side?


  64. azahar

    Totally coolisimo! Thanks Matt!


  65. jkrincon

    You keep improving everyday! Awesome! I love WordPress! 😀


  66. blayde

    Noticed that today, very useful for us multi bloggers, check up on the less posted ones, thanks.


  67. robyn

    Love it! Easy to see both my sites! WP: yall are too cool!


  68. S. Weasel

    Yipe! I’m supposed to feed more than one of these unholy beasts?


  69. pc1203

    thanks 🙂


  70. Karen

    that’s more easy, thank you!


  71. Christoph Wagner

    yeah, really nice:)
    I love looking at my stats^^


  72. Matt

    is our domain that serves avatars. You may see a few other of those single letter subdomains in the next few days, as we’ll put javascript, images, and such on different ones to speed things up.


  73. frup

    Very naiz. Thank you.


  74. fracas

    I agree with Mr. Rogers!


  75. TheAdmin

    Something you might want to consider adding to the stats section is a counter for the pages of your blog. Not just the posts, but the pages as well – if that makes sense… *shrugs*


  76. tikkiro

    This is why I switched over from Blogger – could never find out how to put stats on my blog there, so when I heard WP could provide this I moved immediately! :))


  77. jacky

    great, because now i can see the stats of one post 🙂 Thank you!


  78. gondolier

    thanks, it’s a nice features.


  79. ranman

    Pretty cool, now I can look at my zero views for multiple blogs!


  80. Bruno Yporti


    Thank You!


  81. IR

    Excellent. Improvements that make the management of two blogs more efficient are warmly welcomed.


  82. AmatureNaturalist

    Thanks for doing such a great job!


  83. Roots Music CD Reviews

    A slide-bar was added at the bottom and that solved the problem of information on the right side being inaccessible. Thanks. The headings at the top are still competing for the same space, the one overwriting the other.


  84. shinyobjectsandbumblebees

    I love stats. They make me happy. You’re my hero. But you don’t have to wear a cape or stretchy pants. 😀


  85. Rado

    I see only one “channel”.
    Should I do something to add more statistic “channels” or I totally misunderstood this feature?


  86. yongsheng

    yeah this is a great idea. i usually save my “stats” link to my Favourites, so i can viem them in a jiffy when i need to

    everytime i want to see another blog i have to type the name into the address bar.

    this saves lots of time.

    gd job/// 😀


  87. realtebo

    it could be nice to know the distribution of access from browser and operating systems (because I blog about Microsoft Windows Vista…)

    Can you add this: stats for top referrers ?

    Can you MOD this: let be more long the link title in the top posts. WHY to cut them !?

    God work, I enjoy this site so much that I don’t think to install WP on a my site !


  88. ideasmith

    Great, thanks for adding this feature. I’d love if you could also add the blog-switching feature to the main dashboard itself. I have 5 blogs and right now i have to go ‘View site’ and from there get to my other blogs from the drop-down.


  89. mopspops

    The Stats will not improve my writing, but help me decipher the posts that are read or visited.


  90. fastgold

    muy buena idea


  91. amiripz

    Yeah I noticed this feature few days ago and its great really.


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