Running out of space?

If you’re running out of space to upload files then head on over to the Upgrades page where you can buy an extra 1GB, 5GB or even 10GB of space to store more files for your blog. Can you really fill that much space with images and stuff?

There’s also a handy little space meter on the Uploads form now so you’ll have a better idea of how much space you’ve used.

To make things more interesting, I would like to hear about your ideas for filling 10GB of space. The most creative idea will win the 10GB of upload space. I don’t want to hear about uploading your collection of MP3 files (which isn’t possible anyway), get your thinking caps on and blog about it and link to this post.

  • You must blog about your idea and link back to this post. It’s no use leaving a comment here.
  • Your post must send a pingback to this announcement to be entered in the competition.
  • Closing date is 48 hours from now. You have 2 days.

Good luck!

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  1. dpcough

    How much space do we have now for free?


  2. gpessia

    this is a great idea!


  3. Rattling the Kettle

    Good call with the usage meter. I had no idea how much space I was using.


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  5. axewielderx

    Cool! Not running low on space just yet but have been considering adding some free graphics.


  6. macdavid

    cheers… quickie… which is more space efficient… saving picture to page or file?
    🙂 after all don’t want to waste your hard one storage.


  7. sockrebel

    The file space (25MB, is it?) is going to run out eventually for regular bloggers. I’d really appreciate a system where users would get something (maybe 1MB) each month posted or for every 20 posts (whichever is less).
    Thanks for the constant improvements.


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  9. axewielderx

    I hope I posted my entry for the 10gb of space correctly. I have never done a pingback before.Please notify me via email if it is incorreect. Thx!


  10. Load Start

    will this be one-time fee or monthly?


  11. kevinclosson

    let us upload pdf and other productivity docs and I, for one, will buy more storage.


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  14. Matt

    We actually doubled free space a few months back, so everyone has 50MB of space free. Upgrading is a yearly subscription.


  15. Christian

    thanx … good thing


  16. timethief

    @dpcough and sockrebel
    The FAQs blog tells us we have free of charge a 50 megs maximum upload space for images


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  18. Mads

    One would perhaps need those 10 GB for a video blog.


  19. Xeos Celeres

    That’s fast, thanks for the upgrades! 🙂


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  22. Fr. Bill

    I went to Uploads to check the “space meter” at 1738 CST, and there is no space meter on the page. There’s an explanation of credits, links to purchase credits, and a list of options to purchase with credits, but no space meter.

    Where is it again?

    Fr. B


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  24. Fr. Bill

    Also, like the above poster, I do not know how to do a pingback here.

    Fr. B


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  27. kOoLiNuS

    … and on my 4 ideas i leaved out porn and/or nice looking babes galleries 🙂


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  30. carocat

    “Used: 4% of 50MB.”

    Wow, I thought I had used more. 🙂

    Thanks for including that on the upload form.


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  32. thefly

    To be honest I don’t ever use the upload facility, other than for my picture header and thats permanent


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  35. Yaser

    I will fill it with love, joy and all good things in the world.
    Thanks for the offer!


  36. David Raho

    Good idea but can you make the free allowance a little more generous for those poor folks who can’t afford it?

    I would be willing to have some selected advertising on my blog in return for more space.

    Please give it some thought.


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  39. sysrq868

    Yes! Next up if you allow uploading of .pdfs and .docs and put something like the more you blog, the more you get storage every now and then (like GMail), I’ll be definitely buying that upgrade!


  40. skaldrom

    Ping does not work :(. I made 2 Links inside but none does appear here…

    Pls: Consider as my entry….


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  44. alamster

    Good improvement as always,

    I really like newest theme and storage contest 🙂

    long live wordpress


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  49. Ψηφιακά Οχυρωμένος

    I think it would be a good idea to be able to create a backup of our blog in our wordpress space, would be?


  50. GS Defender

    I would use that space to host some documents (PDFs, OOo) I make available to my University colleagues. I would not fill that space, either: at the moment even 500 MB would be a huge amount of space (thanks 7-Zip and bzip2) 😀


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  52. Thinking Without a Box

    If I had 10 GB of space, I would…

    Pre-script: This post is in response to this post on
    1) Rename my MP3 files with the extension JPEG and store them on this blog. (Since the guys are smart, they’d figure this out and kill this blog. Please don’t.)
    2) …


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  54. Richard Stomps

    Come on, guys. Let us buy just $20 in credits if that’s the cost!!


  55. Kichigai-san

    Trackbacks are broken, or it needs moderation? My post is here:


  56. Jeffrey

    How can I send a pingback to this post? Is it enough checking “Allow Pings” in my post?


  57. rizzyc

    i dont use ANY of the space because I upload all my images to, theres nothing really other then images and words to fill my blog up. My precious, precious words.


  58. primel

    I don’t even know whether it is possible to upload audio/video files; If so, a video of someone reading a short story would already take quite some space. And when it comes to a spoken/read novel?
    To buy space costs money. One-time payment or regulat monthly charges?
    and if so (monthly) what happens if the blogger runs out of money?


  59. Jeffrey

    I think I got it figured out. I should use “Send Trackbacks to” option to send a pingback.


  60. kochkurs

    Ok! More space! But, for what I need this???


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  64. kIrA`

    alternatively, you can upload the daily pics to flickr.
    and link it to post on wordpress.
    this save space for meaning pics to be upload to wordpress

    use wordpress upload instead to upload the pics that are nicer.


  65. axewielderx

    O.k. I posted to my blog about this and even included a link back to this post,yet, I see no pingback here. There is not anymore I can do. The post is at

    So I tried and it looks like, as usual, I have wasted my time.



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  67. fracas

    I have my post set to allow comments, allow pings. I’ve also added the url for the contest page into the allow trackbacks to url field. I don’t see anything here to reflect that yet. Does it take a certain amount of time?

    The post can be found at

    Thanks for the opportunity and well… even if I don’t win, I’m just so glad to have met all these other wonderful girls and I know these friendships will last forever… oh yes, and I really do want world peace.


    Ok, so I don’t really think I’m Sandra Bullock, and while sometimes I am.. I’m usually not Miss Congeniality. I just want to win. There. I said it. Screw you all, I don’t want second place, the citizenship crown or anything else. I want to win.

    After all, honesty is the best policy.



  68. gorlackers



  69. Fred.cpp

    here’s my second try; It seems It was modded or something:


  70. javajabber

    I totally dig the meter! I used to keep a running tab, now I don’t have to do anything (but keep writing)! You folks rock!


  71. Chelsea

    The uploading percentage meter is really helpful!


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  74. pegasus

    use a free 3rd party site for images/videos/music and use wordspace space for text only….
    this works for me


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  78. billandpatti

    High quality video is the future. Being able to post HQ video on WordPress blogs is becoming of greater importance to….


  79. halfawake

    For a pingback to work, does it need to be the first link in a post?


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  81. clereelaural

    I will stop using my website, and commit my heart fully to WordPress, because it will not be until then that I will fully comprehend how wonderful WordPress has been to me and this internet community.


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  85. Ashish C.

    Well its no use [even if you have great ideas] if you are running on a dial-up connection that just doesn’t want to let you surf. 😀

    Anyways nice feature!


  86. Michael Sync

    Time up! 🙂

    Who is the Winner?? 🙂


  87. Donncha

    *phew* After reading through all those posts I’m exhausted. Now to prune them down and pick a winner. Thank you all for contributing. There are great minds at work on your blogs!


  88. Michael Sync

    >>*phew* After reading through all those posts I’m exhausted.
    Sorry.. Donncha.. I was so excited to know the result. 🙂
    Thanks a lot..


  89. annoxero

    Anyway i never have much use for free space as I use Imageshack for imagehosting. As for pingbacks all you have to do is enable pingbacks and put a link to this article somewhere in your post. That should be it I guess. hehe


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  92. coffeeuniverse

    Sweet Thing !


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