New Theme: Fadtastic

Right on Matt’s tail, I have a theme I’d like to introduce to you all. I told myself that the next theme you’d see me release would either have 3-columnes or be fluid, and you happen to get both with Fadtastic.


As you can see, it’s a pretty bright theme which supports two widgtized sidebars. Oh, and this one is also pretty green, just not as green as the last one.

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  1. ∂bsolutjoiz™

    Good work! But I realised the words go out of alignment after “blockquote”. Also prefer something which gives a full post or at least an intro section for subsequent entries instead of just the title.


  2. Lady Rose and Mama Kelly

    oooo it’s nice to see another two-side colum theme

    nice job!!!

    mama kelly


  3. Taufiq

    oooo…. NICE!


  4. engtech

    It’s up on if anyone wants to look at a live demo.


  5. Mark

    Nice. It is bright, however I don’t know if I like the cut off of a blog entry and only the header displays for the past few posts. Anyway that some customization like that could come into it?


  6. Elaine

    Looks cool. 😉 It’s fantastic. Users will have more designs to choose from in and, rest assured, it will make your blog feel good-lookin’. So keep it up, Mr. B!


  7. Bryan

    I’ll change the whole “excerpt as the first entry” to a full post for the first entry. And I’ll check that blockquote problem out as well.


  8. Stiletto Girl

    Come on you guys, your efforts are appreciated, but can’t ya’ll make something fun and sexy, or dark and luscious…or brooding and mysterious, or maybe something in fun shades like bright reds and pinks?

    Why don’t you create one called Electra, inspired by Carmen? lol

    Thanks again.


  9. avuee

    I do like the theme, but it just didn’t look right in my browser.


  10. dresramblings

    I’m loving it. But I’m still hoping to see a three column with a custom header soon… I’ve been wanting one for so long! This one is great though… as always.


  11. Lisa

    Can ya make this in a purplish and teal?


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  13. scribez

    Amazing at last a cool looking three column layout 🙂


  14. Stephen

    I like this theme! It’s something different!

    One tiny problem… image padding doesn’t seem to work. hspace and vspace in the editor don’t show up. Any chance of fixing this?


  15. scribez

    ok Somethings wrong here its supposed to be three columns I cant see the second column in my widgets area to adjust my widgets.


  16. carocat

    That is very nice. Glad to see you guys are introducing more three column themes. 🙂


  17. Erythro

    Doesn’t TUAW use a highly customized version of this theme ?


  18. Wengistein

    Using the theme now and it’s got a very professional feel which is what I like about it. 🙂


  19. scribez

    ok another problem the beginning Letter in the left side are getting hidden in IE 6.0 Check my blog to see what I mean


  20. Chittaranjan

    Nice Theme that! And Two-columned too…something that I haven’t tried out!



  21. axewielderx

    I have been looking for a 3 column layout for awhile.Too bad this was not what i was looking for.Thx for try ing though!



  22. blayde

    ooh, two column, nice


  23. cmerry

    I respect the work involved. I like the pretty ones the best if one can be cute and funky and have all these features I’d love it 🙂


  24. tuffy

    Gee, a new green and blue theme. That will provide a great alternative to the existing blue, green, black, gray and occasional-maroon-or-orange-accent themes. Somebody needs to get you guys a color wheel and cover the “cool” part of it with masking tape.


  25. saadil

    Ah! looking beautiful


  26. Zeezat


    Nice to have this theme! I love it and have it to my blog!!

    It is really cool and nice!!
    Thanks a lot!!
    Keep on growing!!

    Best Smile,


  27. engtech

    It’s a pretty cool theme.


  28. simplywired

    nice job! thanks!

    currently using this theme.. 🙂



  29. xylaphonic

    That looks pretty cool, to bright for me though!


  30. [ CJT ]

    This is great! Do you think possible a grey one with a taller header? That would be the ideal theme for us at []…


  31. Sai

    Cool theme! Good job!


  32. passya

    i’ll try it..


  33. storymode

    ‘Tis a pleasant theme that’s easy on the eyes, as always. However, I’m with Stiletto Girl on this one. I wouldn’t mind trying out a three-column theme, but the main reason I’m sticking with the “Neat” theme is because it’s dark. Put those two things together, and I think I’d give it a whirl.


  34. satur9

    Yay, a 3-column theme. Hopefully there will be more 3-column themes coming up 🙂


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  36. sungame

    Three column themes are just what I’m looking for, but after using Press Row for a while, I’m not willing to give up the custom header…


  37. K

    Great Job, Bryan but I’d rather see the sidebars placed in Left & Right.


  38. Tiara

    Gah! Is there any way not to have the 2nd sidebar contents repeat itself at the BOTTOM? It’s redundant, and looks really really bad.


  39. riihele

    Hei there Bryan.
    Great stuff n grand job. Purple would be ab fab, please… Take care n do keep well. Rii xx


  40. kIrA`

    now, this is good!
    love it… time to change a new skin when time allows!


  41. rumours

    Gorgeous WordPress ever..


  42. amiripz

    Will someone tell me how can I try this theme on my blog ?
    Thanks in advance!


  43. raincoaster

    It’s a very nice-looking theme. Very different in usability terms, and I think a lot of people will enjoy it.


  44. tobeme

    Looks good! More choices is always better.


  45. liquidat

    You need some minutes to get used to it, but I like it very much – especially because it has a fluid width and overall three columns, we could use more of them 😀


  46. Noscere

    I like this theme but like dresramblings said, I too would like a three colum theme with a custom header as well… Nice theme though would like to give it a try


  47. The Nerd

    I quite like it. I’d probably switch to if it had some more customisation options (colours and title text and so on).

    It looks good anyway. Well done 🙂


  48. Neville

    Good grief! You wait a long time for a brand new theme, then two come at once! Excellent!


  49. maique

    i missed having new themes, and now you gave us two more. thanks.


  50. Gomarus

    Thanks. Keep up the work on new themes. I am looking for a three column (L&R sidebars). This is getting close, just not quite for me personally.


  51. bullish1974



  52. ehab

    I am having small problems related to text alignments.. i dunno much css stuff, or i would have explained more here.

    Great job. Thanks to all of ya.


  53. akion

    Looking good! I just wonder how to change theme 😮


  54. Rattling the Kettle

    I’ll add my voice to the other calls for a three-column theme with custom header capability. Pretty please?


  55. Nita

    I have been waiting for another three column theme for a long time (I use Andreas) but after reading everyone’s comments I wonder whether I should switch.


  56. goldcoaster

    I like it but could we have the option of an excerp on later posts rather than just the posts title or maybe the option of more than just one full post – option of 1, 3 or 5 – something like that.

    also the abilty for a pic in the title.

    thanks for the effort though… 🙂


  57. Mark Wilson

    I like it. I want to use it. But there are two problems:

    1. No support for my custom image header. boooo!
    2. I looove the second column – just what I needed. But how do I move widgets into that second column? No can do! booooo!

    You guys at WP rock – I’m keeping the faith.



  58. randramble

    A fantastic-looking theme! Just when I thought that this was the one I was waiting for, I see a hitch — only the last post being displayed in full and the next 9 (or is it 8?) with only headlines. Too bad!


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  60. David Raho

    Good job but please can we have some more colour options. Thanks


  61. Mark Wilson

    Ahhh… another huge problems for this theme design.

    3. The front page only has 1 post on it. This is quite attractive actually.

    4. So then people are forced into one of the post. This is the big problem. When viewing an individual post like this
    there is no way to view or even RECENT POSTS or RELATED POSTS.

    Therefore every individual post page is a dead end. The visitor leaves.

    This theme is visually attractive but it falls down – seriously – in it’s functionality and usefulness.

    But WP rocks on!! I’m keeping the faith!! (In spite of someone disabling my login).



  62. Mark Wilson

    We can’t view NEXT or PREV posts either.


  63. MyScribbles: Write-ups of an Afghan

    Hurray! This what I’ve been clamoring for months. We really needed–and still need–a number of three-column themes which we can use to accomodate and make prominent the myriad of links on our weblogs. This is definitely a good step forward. We’re waiting for more.


  64. Mark Wilson

    AND there is no quick “edit” button for the comments that someone has posted.


  65. Mia

    I’m totally missing a minimalistic gold and silver theme… can we have that next? Pleeeeease?


  66. that girl again

    Ooh, a big blue header. Innovative.


  67. RubeRad

    I second dresramblings up there — where’s the custom header?!


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  69. strategicalliance

    awesome using it now


  70. ryan

    Like this one, looks quite clean.


  71. Ψηφιακά Οχυρωμένος

    Excellent theme! From now on my default! I would like to ask 2 things:
    – if possible, more full text articles on front page (than just 1)
    – if possible, the comment form AFTER the comments. Someone always first reads an article, then reads the comments, and then he may comment the article (using the form). I think it would be better if Comments are JUST BELOW article and the comment form AFTER the comments.

    Thanks again guys for the time you spent making our life easier more wonderful!
    😉 😉


  72. Evey

    Nice Theme..enjoying changing theme, I like it


  73. sarahtowny

    Well I am going to go against the crowd it just more of the same .. give us something fresh! Please :0)


  74. Brian Alexander

    I’d rather have full posts on the main page.


  75. bacrito

    I admire the hard work and creativity with all these themes, but am the only person who thinks these doubled up sidebars make pages look lopsided and overwhelming? A sidebar on each side makes more sense to me, if two are needed.


  76. Shae

    I love the colors of this theme ^^ Yay!


  77. blaze

    Very nice thanks again guys! 🙂


  78. hools

    I like the look… but I’m concerned about lack of traffic to older posts. I’d like the option of how many posts to show up on the main page… though I doubt that will be added.

    We’ll see how it goes.


  79. Mark

    After careful consideration and many hours of staring at the blank wall of my office in deliberation, I have decided to use this theme for my quotes page;

    I have also realized I need to get some pictures for my wall.


  80. gagets

    ehhhh pretty good


  81. ariart

    Very, very nice!!
    What about a customizable header as well?


  82. Angela

    I want a three column theme with custom header too! Pleeeeease!


  83. rivermaya

    where I can find the CSS of this themes ?


  84. ahmedrusdy

    I like it. Nice Theme..enjoying changing theme.


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