Widget Wednesday: Meebo Me

The good people over at Meebo just announced a new service called MeeboMe that lets your visitors chat directly with you on any web page. This isn’t a shoutbox where every visitor can see each other–it’s a direct connection to you, just like an instant messenger. Working together, we built a Meebo widget for WordPress.

If you have a blog on WordPress.com and a widget-ready theme, just go to your Presentation -> Widgets admin page and drop the widget into your sidebar. Then go to meebome.com, get a bit of code and paste it into the widget. Save the changes. As long as you’re logged in at meebo.com, your visitors will be able to chat with you directly!

To kick it off in style, I’ve added the widget to my own blog.

In case your WordPress blog is not hosted on WordPress.com, you can paste the embed code right into a Text widget.

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  1. bothack

    Now that is a killer Widget. Thanx a Million guys!


  2. gapp

    Now that is a killer widget. Great work guys! Thanx a Million!


  3. Nobodyknows



  4. wadehel

    omigod… omigod… lemme try it… lemme try it!!


  5. Yaser

    Whoah mad cool! Thanks!


  6. Edna

    Would it be wrong to quote Paris Hilton and just say, “That’s HAWT!”??? There’s just no better way to put it!


  7. Fredi

    Nice! Anyway, the shoutbox would be appreciated in a future 😛


  8. MadMark

    That’s wonderful!!!


  9. donal

    Nice, had just heard of Meebo today. Cheers!


  10. engtech

    That’s really cool.

    I can just imagine all blogs with meebo widgets installed dropping to a standstill as the authors spend more time IMing than writing.


  11. Zach

    There’s only one problem with this widget. it tries to connect with every single page view you get. They need to have the default be **OFF** and each visitor must click on the widget for it to try to connect.


  12. Mike E

    shaZAM!! dat b 2 cool.


  13. Benny Martini

    That is awesome !! Good job guys, I think this widget will be very usefull !!


  14. Charlie Hope

    Slick widget guys, nice one!


  15. Ruff
  16. Ruff

    And gabbly should be on… not meebo.

    cause meebo = crazy.


  17. Lee Kelleher

    A very impressive WP Widget! Good work to the Meebo guys, and the WP Team (as usual).


  18. blayde

    this is so amazing. thanks billions


  19. grinder

    You guys are great!!!!! Thanks a million.


  20. blayde

    btw how do you keep your IM session saved. I keep msgsing myself and getting it everytime i ahve to log on to the meebo area. oh yeah this is amazing…


  21. altman747

    Excellent! You guys just keep churning out cooler and cooler stuff. Thanks!


  22. range

    That is pretty cool!
    Thx guys.


  23. Brent

    Meebo is great, especially with the Meebo sidebar for Firefox and Flock! This is going to be awesome!



  24. Livia

    Wow guys! That is STUNNING! Thanks a lot! I also expect some integration with Odeo and Hellodeo in the future (that would rock!)


  25. drmike

    I like it but I don’t know how I feel about allowing clients to put embed tags into a text widget. I though those got stripped out.


  26. Rui Martins

    Done! I had it to my blog. Experimentaly… For now I like a lot the desig and the speed is quite good. Let´s see if my readers adopt it.


  27. Justin

    oh this widget looks awesome. Ahh praise wordpress…you guys here are always giving us new stuff…totally rocks!


  28. Moey

    wow now that’s impressive


  29. sulz

    this is so much better than a shoutbox! it’s been a long wait, but certainly worth it. c’est magnifique!


  30. Empty truth is full of lies

    😮 Very neat. I like it.


  31. bombie

    Oh my…so cool!!!!!!!!!


  32. Zack

    Great widget. Are bothack and gapp related?



  33. Richard

    fantastic !


  34. VxJasonxV

    I think it’s pretty dumb that the blog owner has to be logged into Meebo in order to talk to people via Meebo Me.

    I’m sitting at home, I have Adium and Psi running for all of my conversations.
    Why can’t meebo just see if I’m on, and message ME and run the conversation that way.
    Qunu (IIRC, that’s what it’s called) does that just nicely.

    I suppose I’m venting in the wrong direction, as I should probably take this ‘feature’ to Meebo, their app, not yours.

    Thanks for the widget though, it’s a good idea. Now we just need to kick Meebo into being SMART with their new features.


  35. The Consument

    While Meboo is an awesome addition to a blog I think a shoutbox would still be in order. 🙂 Just a suggestion.


  36. .i dream in blue.

    thats pretty awesome


  37. talkislam

    you guys are beautiful


  38. elchaos

    la locura esto, WP rulez!


  39. Ruff

    Gabbly is a great chatter box!


  40. patam

    yey thanks! …a tagboard/shoutbox would still be useful though :p


  41. taro

    Blimey I put that as feedback yesterday! You guys move fast!


  42. Chittaranjan

    Good Widget that! One Q though….do we have to remain Logged in on Meebo all the time? No Offlines?


  43. Ankur Gupta

    awesome feature


  44. K

    It’s a great chatting-tool like all other chat messengers, however everytime you refresh the whole page of you blog, it also refreshes the connections and often it got errors. Can we at least choose a pop-up button instead?

    Thank you for this but I, too, would prefer a shoutbox. But no, COMMENT BOX is great already.


  45. Mark

    Meebo madness. This widget is awesome. Thanks guys!


  46. Christopher

    Great work guys! But the Gabbly shoutbox would be better appreciated!

    Hope you guys can work towards that!


  47. Qwerty Maniac

    Awesomeness indeed!


  48. gapp

    The new login page is cool… 🙂


  49. The Eternal Wanderer

    This is so way darn cool! Another excellent widget service!! Way to go to everyone who’s been working ever so hard on this!


  50. Edna

    Would be nice if Meebo actually worked. I’m on a solid cable connection and it keeps disconnecting me. Plus, people trying to message me are lost somewhere on their own and their messages never show up. Been through Meebo’s help section and didn’t find any answers. Great idea for a widget, but a better functioning one would definitely be a plus.


  51. Sukhbir

    The best widget so far.


  52. SippinWhisky

    I wish I could see something other than a broken Quicktime link/image. So much for that idea.


  53. bombie

    Anyone know how to control the space between meebo widget and its neighboring widgets in the sidebar? Right now, if I add meebo in there, it is shown directly on top of my next section in the sidebar with no space in between, and it looks ugly.


  54. avuee

    I think I’d rather have a short spree of comment conversations than an actual one with a reader.


  55. 5purposedriven

    IE users…go to meebo.com first to register, then meebome.com to get the code.

    Thanks for the GREAT widget!


  56. shortexact

    Thanks for this great widget! You guys rock!


  57. lizwaldner

    Hey I now have a Meebo….two minutes ago i didn’t even know what a Meebo is..
    whooohooo Meebo!!!

    Go meebo..go meebo…mee..mee ..bo boo!! 🙂


  58. bargainprofessor

    Great Job. I like it better than a shout box. Thanks


  59. damascity

    One of the best tools yet! Keep ’em coming!


  60. drhaisook

    Unbelievable. I’m speechless.


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  63. drmike

    I’m going ahead and removing Meemo from my websites. I attempted to file a fairly serious bug report with their team today and it was met with some rather insulting comments from their unoffical support staff. I can not support a product or company that does such a thing and I’m going to encourage others to do so likewise.

    Matt and crew, please forgive me for making such a statement but I can not allow this to go by me. I can not support such a product that goes on about how they want and encourage community support but hold such report in so little regard.

    Thank you for your time,


  64. Sasha

    drmike, can you send me a URL of your bug report? I would be curious to read it.

    here is my take on meebome: http://snimmer.wordpress.com


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  67. Ujwala

    and I just noticed this 😛 off to try it out.


  68. rantran

    this thing is real convenient 😛 :mrgreen:


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  70. essai456

    Thank thousands of billion
    Now my blog seems more attractive with my friends


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