But wait, there’s more!

Matt and I were waiting for Donncha to get through airport customs and discussing possible new features for WordPress yesterday. We decided it would be simple and worthwhile to let you customize the More… link for each post split by the <!--more--> tag. I wrote a patch, Mark Jaquith perfected it and now it’s live on WordPress.com and slated for WordPress 2.1.

Here’s how it works: put a space after <!--more, then the text, then --> like this:

<!--more But wait, there's more! -->

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  1. Bryan

    You guys don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this, oh wait, just did. 😉
    Now I no longer envy TextPattern.


  2. calupict

    It’s cool!


  3. timethief

    I gave up using the tags when I discovered that the feed readers did not search out the rest of the articles but simply stopped at the more tags.
    I found this out in a every unpleasant way when I discovered my back-up disc for blog posts was corrupted. I had already deleted the posts from my blog. No problem I thought I just get them through either my bloglines account or through my feedblitz account. No cigar. When the feed readers met the more tag that was where they stopped.
    Has this changed?


  4. Yaser

    Wow, mad updates recently by you guys, I’m having trouble keeping up. Thanks alot for your hard work!


  5. rdgujarati

    very nice facility. great work. so nice of you. thanks


  6. Richard

    great job !


  7. [KwZ]

    Awesome move. Congratulations. We¿re expecting more in the future.


  8. Abhijit Nadgouda

    Innovative and handy!


  9. Ruff

    I rather like my AJAX post expander link rather than Wait There’s more…

    It’s sounds like you are begging the person to read more.


  10. Moey

    wow! great.. let me try to use it


  11. Brent

    Cool. Nice feature. This probably explains why the editor was working in wacky fashion for me today. Oh, well, I like it. But will we still have the bug that cuts off the feed, when using the tag? This is why I haven’t been using it much lately, but I’d like to.

    Hey Andy, has Matt said anything about progress from the previous news (domain mapping)?

    All of us are wondering what’s up, man! 8)


  12. lokesh

    Great feature. Thanks 🙂


  13. pipit

    You guys are never stop make me happy ! 🙂


  14. vjp

    Cool beans!


  15. jaroche

    nice add!!! love it.


  16. talkislam



  17. maryannparks

    Awesome! Thank you all for your hard work in keeping up WordPress and providing a great service!


  18. Coconuts

    Nice, this is great.


  19. gwhiz

    BEE YOU TEE FULL!! Thank you!


  20. dresramblings

    I’ve wondered about that. Allows us to be a bit more unique out here in the blogosphere. Thanks!


  21. Justin

    Its all the little things that count right! Great job guys, glad u added it!


  22. isadora

    Oh, yes, it works! Thank you very much guys!!


  23. MadMark

    It’s great!!
    I was waiting for this too.
    Thank you very much again!!


  24. Kunal

    A feature awaited for long! Great work 🙂


  25. Davies Lim



  26. Livia

    That is very very good! Thanks a lot guys!


  27. generally

    Thanks a bunch.


  28. Hakim Bennis

    I was just wondering about this couple days ago!

    Thanks guys for making WordPress.com better everyday. It goes straight to our hearts =)


  29. CS Shyam Sundar

    Great !!!

    The biggest element of success in WP is its ability to customize.

    Continue Guys !?!


  30. dresramblings

    This is going to be a great thing for individuality for people’s sites. Thanks for the new feature!


  31. Fredi

    Yeah! I was waiting for this, thankssss..


  32. broadband

    Excellent, thanks!


  33. Joost Keesmaat

    It works great!
    The only thing is that, when i’m writing a post, change the ‘split post’ into custom words, the ‘split post’ tag itself disappears on my screen when i’m writing a post. I can only see it in the HTML source.
    But, I really think this is great! Now I can tell everybody to read more in my own language!


  34. aNtónio

    Cool, very nice.
    Looking forward to our own default personalise line for more in the options 😉


  35. Jota A

    Very good! Thanks again, guys!


  36. rdgujarati

    very nice. good new facility. thanks a lot.


  37. E@zyVG

    Another nice one. Journies after all opens ones mind to creativity!


  38. Donncha

    Phew, good things come from losing one’s luggage eh?


  39. wearedikonaca

    Rock on!!


  40. cardiactamponade

    You guys are the best 🙂


  41. Felipe O'Marin Cypriano

    Excellent news!


  42. engtech

    Is the MORE link working correctly with RSS feeds now?

    It used to be left out in the feed reader, so there would be no indication there was more text to the article when reading it in RSS.


  43. Chittaranjan

    Good Feature that… and you deserve some applause for that. *Applause* 🙂


  44. dresramblings

    It’s great. I can’t wait to use it tomorrow for a new post. Are you guys ever going to do something where we can do jump links throughout a posting?



  45. The Eternal Wanderer



  46. adam

    that’s something i’ve wanted for a while.

    well, that and being able to close the `<!–more –>` tag, and start another one later. LJ style 😉


  47. Andie

    This is GREAT.


  48. Nero

    thankyou finally!!!!


  49. June

    Um…I have no idea what this is. From what I can infer though, I’m guessing that this is something that forces people to click onto your link to see the entire post.

    I had no idea this existed. Are there more of these?


  50. Qwerty Maniac

    This one’s great too!


  51. helar

    Love this feature! It was kind of hard work to change it in all my postings but I´m happier now that I know my readers will finally understand what is expected of them :-)…


  52. avuee

    Sounds like a fun, nifty thing to do.


  53. vjp

    This feature is working well, and it shows up in the RSS feeds, unlike the plain more tag. However, it is annoying that it causes the more split to disappear from the screen of the Rich Text editor, like Joost said.


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  55. Andy

    Joost and vjp: Fixed the editor! 🙂


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  59. brianfox

    I loved this feature


  60. tashfeen

    works like a charm….but can you expand the text on the same page without taking the reader to a new link…i know there are patches available for it, but i’m using wordpress.com, the free service, any plans of rolling out ‘expand on same page’ option for wordpress…thanks…


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  62. ehab

    great matt. now i can deal with long posts easily : )


  63. izgerty



  64. Kels

    I have a couple of questions.
    1- Can we have the “Read more” feature in pages.
    2- If so, can we have more than one per page?
    (the reason I ask is that I want to have sub-titles and then body text, but I only want to show the sub-titles and once you click on more… than you can read the body text.)

    Here is my site: http://whiteaisle.wordpress.com
    This is the page I would like to do this with: http://whiteaisle.wordpress.com/reception-%C2%B0-reception/

    thanks, in hopes i get an answer very soon!!! 🙂


  65. ritzcracker

    I was searching forever to find this!


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