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Jetpack Search is a powerful replacement for the search capability built into WordPress. It provides higher quality results and an advanced search experience.

This feature is available to sites with a WordPress.com Business Plan.

Jetpack Elasticsearch-powered Search on a Photography blog

An example sidebar showing filtering on a test site.

An example sidebar showing filtering on a test site.

Jetpack Search Feature List

There are a lot of features in Jetpack search that make a great search experience:

  • Supports millions of queries across millions of documents.
  • Real-time indexing of changes to your content.
  • Filter searches by tags, categories, custom taxonomies, authors, dates, and post types.
  • Supports all languages with custom language analysis for 29 languages.
  • Sort by relevance or date.
  • Boosts recent content by default.
  • Phrase search.

Enabling Search

To use Jetpack Search, you must be a WordPress.com Business subscriber.

You can enable search in two ways:

  1. Go to Jetpack → Settings → Performance in your WordPress.com dashboard and enable “Jetpack Search”.
  2. Run a search on your site, then click “Customize” and add the “Jetpack Search” widget into your sidebar.

After you have added the widget to your sidebar you can also customize which filters are available to your visitors and what sorting options they have available to them.

For more details see also the documentation on jetpack.com.

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