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Jetpack Search is a powerful replacement for the search capability built into WordPress. It provides higher quality results and an improved search experience.

This feature is available on any WordPress.com site by purchasing the Add-On from Jetpack.com.

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Jetpack Search can be used as long as your site has a search function. You can have a search function on any WordPress site thanks to:

In addition, many themes have a built-in search function already.

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Here is how you can enable search:

  1. Subscribe to Jetpack Search through the Jetpack.com upgrade page.
  2. After you complete your purchase, your site will have the new search experience turned on and configured with some reasonable defaults.
  3. Customize the search look and feel to make sure it fits in well with your theme.

You can disable search at any time by going to Jetpack → Search Settings → Performance in your WordPress.com dashboard. There is a section to toggle off the Jetpack Search option.

For further details about how to customize Jetpack Search refer to the documentation on Jetpack.com.

Note: Pricing is subject to the amount of content on the site. For more information on this, refer to the Search Product Pricing page.

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