Tracking & Opt Outs

As part of our commitment to your privacy and security we are transparent about the data we collect about you and how we use that data. Additionally, we offer you the option to opt out of some of our tracking, and to provide tracking opt-out options to your site’s visitors.

Opt Your User Account Out of Tracking

By default, when you create an account on we activate our own analytics tool to gather information about how you use our services. This information helps us improve our products, make marketing to you more relevant, personalize your experience, and more as detailed in our privacy policy. If you’d prefer to disable this tracking, you can do so from the Account Privacy Settings.

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If your site is using one of our Personal, Premium, or Business plans, you have the option to install the Cookies & Consent Widget on your site. Among other things, this widget adds a banner to your site that prompts your site’s visitors to consent to the tracking cookies used to display them advertisements that are targeted to their interests via our WordAds program. sites utilizing our free plan level have this widget and banner installed on their site automatically.

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Other Tracking

There is some other tracking on, which it is not currently possible for you or your site’s visitors to opt out of. Most of this tracking is related to data that’s required to provide you and your visitors with our service. For example, for us to provide you with accurate Stats data about visitors to your site and page views, we collect minimal information from each person who visits your site.

You can find detailed descriptions of the data we collect about you, and how we use it, in our privacy policy. You can find similar descriptions of the data we collect about your site’s visitors, and how we use it, in our privacy notice. Lastly, you can find details about the cookies we use on in our cookie policy, which also describes more options for blocking this kind of tracking.

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