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Adding a PayPal Button
Step 1 – Get Your PayPal Link
Step 2 – Get Your Image URL
Step 3 – Putting it All Together

There is now a much simpler way to add payment buttons on your site — Simple Payments. The feature is available for Premium and higher plans on and on Jetpack sites running version 5.2 or higher.

You don’t need to have a Premium plan or higher to follow the instructions below. These instructions will work on any plan.

Adding a PayPal Button Button

There are two things we need for a PayPal button:

  • The PayPal Link
  • The Button image URL

Once we have both items, we’ll use the following code in a Custom HTML block or HTML widget to create the embedded button:

<img src="IMAGE URL HERE" alt="Your alt text">

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These steps walk you through how to add the Donation type button, but you can use any of the other buttons PayPal offers.

When adding a PayPal button to your post, page, or sidebar, you’ll first need to get a PayPal link code from your PayPal account:

1. Go to and log in to your PayPal account. Please note: the exact options and wording for the following steps on the PayPal website may vary from country to country.

2. Once you are logged in go to to see a list of buttons you can add:

PayPal Button Options
The Subscribe, Installment Plan, and Automatic Billing buttons require a PayPal Business or Premier plan.

3. Select the button you want to create. For this example, we’ve selected the Donate button.

4. On the next page, make any changes you want, then choose Continue.

5. Next, choose whether you want your account name or email address to be the listed organization they’ll be donating to.

6. Then choose the currency type and amount donors can give. Then select Finish and Get Code

7. On the next page, choose Shareable URL from the menu at the top. Then select Copy to Clipboard to copy the URL.

If you don’t see the Shareable URL option in the screenshot above, you may see the Email tab as shown in the screenshot below.

PayPal Email Code

You will not be able to Customize the button with drop down menus. Only enter the item name and price. If you do not see the Email tab shown in the screenshot above, make sure you have not added any customizations to the button.

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Step 2 - Getting the Button Image

Paste your link from Step 1 into a text editor or other safe place so that you don’t lose it when you copy the following button code.

Next, you’ll have to choose a button image below. Copy the HTML code next to the image you want to use for your button, then proceed to step three to put everything together.

<img src="" alt="Small Donate Button">
<img src= "" alt="Donate Button" />
<img src="" alt="Donate Button with Credit Cards" />
<img src="" alt="Donate with PayPal"/>
<img src="" alt="Buy Now button" />
<img src="" alt="Buy Now Button with Credit Cards" />
<img src="" alt="Add to Cart" />

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Step 3 - Putting it All Together

Once you have the PayPal Link from step one, and the image URL you want to use for step two, it’s time to put them together!

First, add a new Custom HTML block inside your post or page. Then, use the following code:

<img src="IMAGE URL HERE" alt="Your alt text here">

  • Replace YOUR PAYPAL LINK HERE with the link you got in Step 1
  • Replace IMAGE URL HERE with the image URL you chose in Step 2
  • Feel free to add alt text for “Your alt text here”. This is text that will display in the event the image cannot be displayed.
  • Remember to leave the quotes around both links and the alt text!
HTML Block

You’re done!

You can use the HTML code in other areas of your site, such as as sidebar or footer widget area! Just add the code to a Custom HTML widget.

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