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Getting Help in the Forums

Below we’ve gathered a few answers to some common questions about using our support forums to help get you oriented.

How do I Start a Topic?

There are several ways to start new topics. The easiest is to navigate to the forums homepage where there’s a link to “Add new topic“. Clicking that link will take you to a form to fill out to start a new topic.

Note that you must have a account, and you must be logged in, before you can start a topic. If you click the “Add new topic” link and are not logged in you will be redirected to the login screen before you are taken to the new topic form.

To ensure you receive the best possible help, please keep the following in mind:

Which forum do I need?

When you start a new topic you have an option for which forum you want to post it to. Your choices are:

How do I know if I’m talking to staff?

All staff posts will have a dark blue bar under their profile picture that says “Staff”:

Staff profile

Are there any forum rules I should be aware of?

Our forums are a place where members of the community can help each other with their questions. To keep the forums friendly and helpful we have drawn up a Forums Community Standards that we expect all forum participants to abide by.

How do I add tags to topics?

Tags help people find and contribute to your discussion. There are two ways to add a tag:

How do I get a Moderator/Staff reply for my question?

Some issues require staff member help. If you see or add a topic that you know needs staff intervention, you can add the modlook tag to the tags area of the topic to make sure we see it. You can add a modlook tag when starting a new topic, or add it to an existing topic.

How can I get private help?

If you have a paid upgrade, head over to our contact form and you’ll be able to put in a private support request that way.

Is there phone or live chat support?

Customers who have purchased a plan get access to dedicated support with our Happiness Engineers. Customers with a Premium, Business, or Commerce plan or the legacy Pro plan have access to live chat support.

We don’t provide phone support because many of the issues we discuss with users require frequent reference to web pages, which is much easier to do on live chat and email.

What do I do if I see spam in the forums?

Spam is a violation of our forums code of conduct. If you see it you can add a tag that says ‘spammer’ to the topic, and another that says ‘modlook’ to make sure staff see the spam so we can remove it.

Can I get help for my site here?

These forums are focused on helping users. Folks with a site can get help in the Support Forums.

Do you need any help?

Always! A community is only as good as its members, and new volunteers are always welcome. Take a look at our Volunteer Guidelines, and jump right in!

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