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Following Comments

When you leave a comment on a blog, you can choose to automatically receive email updates about other comments on that specific post by checking the  Notify me of follow-up comments via email checkbox that appears in the comment form.


Depending on the email client you use, the notifications will look something like this:

Note that you do not need to be registered with to follow comments. Visitors who are logged in to will not need to confirm their request to follow a thread; all other visitors will receive a confirmation email with full instructions on how to activate their follow request.

Enabling Follow Comments on Your Site

These instructions are referring to the WP Admin interface. To view this interface, click the View tab in the upper right corner and select Classic view.

To allow users to follow comments on your posts, visit Settings > Discussion and ensure that Follow Comments is enabled:

Follow Comments

Note if you have set a post’s visibility to Private or Password Protected, the “follow comments” option is always disabled and will not appear on the post.

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Managing Post / Comment Notification

If you want to stop receiving comment notification or start receiving notification on all comments on a particular blog, click the “Subscription Options” link at the bottom of the notification email. You can also use the link shown below.

Full details on managing the posts/comment threads that you follow can be found on the Follow feature support page.

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Following Stats

Blog owners can see how many people are following comments on their posts from the Stats page:

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