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Reader: How We Recommend Content

The Reader and some of our emails recommend posts and websites based on a number of different algorithms. This guide explains more about how these algorithms work to recommend content.

Why Use Algorithms

We have two goals with the algorithms that we use:

  1. Help people find websites they want to follow and keep up to date with.
  2. Help website builders and owners to find an audience.

We use and test multiple data sources for building these algorithms. Below we describe where we use your data and how.

Locations Where We Recommend Content

We recommend content in many places and use different algorithms for each:

Data Sources

The above algorithms are often being improved, and what content we show depends on a complex combination of factors. Here are examples of the types of information we may use to make our recommendations:

Content we filter out from our algorithms:

You can view your most recent post likes at When you comment in the Reader or on any website using your account to comment, that comment history will be used in our recommendations. Commenting on a site with your account will look something like this:

The comment form box is shown.

To avoid your comments being included in our algorithms, you can comment anonymously by logging out.

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