Increase Website Traffic with Features

The number of site visitors that you attract can determine your website’s overall success. If more visitors land on your site, additional opportunities to sell products, solicit sponsorships, or generate passive income present themselves.

While there’s no magic wand that you can wave to instantly increase website traffic, offers features that can put you on the path towards receiving more site views.

Use tags’s built-in tagging feature is a useful way to group related posts together. Tags also help people find your content through the Reader. Be sure that your site’s privacy options are set to Public, so that visitors can discover your work.

Follow and be followed

Adding a Follow Blog widget to your site lets readers opt in to receive notifications whenever you publish new content. Try following other blogs in your space, and comment on posts that are of interest to you. Being interactive on will increase your visibility, helping you to promote your brand online.

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Map it out

Building a site with gives you access to tools that you need in order to be found online. This includes an automatically generated XML sitemap. A sitemap helps search engines like Google locate and index your site’s individual pages to be ranked in search results.

Decrease load times’s content delivery network (CDN) distributes images using a system of remote servers. Offloading your resources to servers that are closer in proximity to your visitors’ computers will result in shorter site load times, regardless of where someone is located.

Additionally, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a framework applied to sites that boosts your page speed on mobile devices.

Publicize your posts

Promoting your latest content is a great way to remain relevant and increase website traffic. Publicize automates the sharing process by publishing new posts to your configured social media channels.

Encourage visitors to further explore your content by enabling Related Posts. If you follow other blogs, use pingbacks to generate a special comment on blogs that you link to, helping you to establish a stronger presence within your niche.

Online publishing is both a science and an art, and there’s no single solution that is guaranteed to increase website traffic every time. Apply the tips above and regularly update your content. You might find that your traffic stats begin to move upwards.

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