3 Ways to Monetize Website Content

As a blogger, it’s not easy to build an audience of loyal followers. Finding your niche, sticking to a steady content calendar, and marketing yourself can prove to be challenging tasks. Factor in that there are approximately 1,000 new WordPress posts published every minute, according to WPMU Dev, and you might really feel forced out of your comfort zone.

Fortunately, it’s not all hurdle after hurdle. Blogging can position you to supplement income and support your content in a way that you may not have known existed. Here are several ways that WordPress.com site owners can monetize website content.

1. Affiliate Linking

If you’re sharing content about your lifestyle or the products that you use, one way to double-up and monetize that content is by adding links to third-party sites. Doing so can result in commission-based revenue from any sales that you support. This process is known as affiliate marketing. Linking to products sold on Amazon and other websites is permitted by WordPress.com, so long as the purpose of your blog is to provide high-quality content to readers (not exclusively to drive traffic to merchants).

2. Simple Payments

WordPress.com Premium and Business plan users can securely accept payments through their websites. Simple Payments offers support for credit, debit, or PayPal payments once bloggers install Simple Payments within their page editor tools. This option can be used by website owners who want to sell products, services, or forms of paid digital content.

3. WordAds

WordPress.com offers its own advertising program for bloggers to monetize their content. Site owners like yourself can provide ad space on your website for program partners including brands like Google, Amazon A9, AOL Marketplace, and Facebook. WordAds handles the program administration, including the ad bidding and delivery. This allows participants to passively earn revenue from their websites. If you’re a WordPress.com Premium or Business plan user and have a custom domain name, you may qualify to participate in WordAds.

Get something in return for your work

While blogging may not become your only source of income, the decision to monetize website content can help support your work. This might ultimately result in even more earned revenue. Are you ready to turn content into income? Learn about the many ways to monetize your WordPress.com website, including sponsored posts and the WordPress referral program.

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