WordPress.com My Site Panel: What to Know and How to Use It

Your WordPress.com My Site screen — or My Sites, if you have more than one site — is your website’s administration area. To put it simply, it’s a treasure trove of information. For starters, it’s where you customize your website, add pages, and get an overview of your site’s activity.

My Sites Icon

Opening My Site

Each time you log into your WordPress.com website, you’ll see a dark bar across the top of the page. The My Site icon is on the left end of the bar. Click on it, and take a moment to see what the panel or menu contains. The Stats tool is one of the first items on the list.

Benefiting from stats

Site Stats is a My Site favorite that provides vital information, including:

  • The number of visits your site received

  • The country your visitors reside in

  • Which of your pages or posts guests have visited

  • The referrer they used (such as Facebook or Instagram) to arrive at your site

Site stats example

This type of information tells you how well you’re making your site known on social media, and where you need to improve, like posting more often on topics that your readers flock to. As online business educator Paige Brunton puts it, tracking your website data helps you get to know your audience, figure out what works and what doesn’t, and create an action plan for growth.

Personalizing your pages

Giving each page a custom touch sets it apart from your competitors’ sites. If you have a logo, add it using the Customizer — which you’ll find by clicking on Customize in the My Site sidebar.

Customizing a site

Also, add a tagline to help readers quickly identify what your site is about. The tagline appears on your home page, below your website name. A takeout pizza place’s tagline, for instance, might read, “Delivering deliciousness by the pie.”

Other ways to customize your site include swapping theme colors, adding a unique background image to your home page, changing the default font to something befitting your blog, or even trading your theme for another one. Don’t worry; you won’t lose a single post or page if you choose a new theme or upgrade your plan.

Choosing to share

Enabling your site’s Sharing features can be a powerful way to gain exposure. When you connect your website to your favorite social sites, your content is automatically transported to the corresponding news feeds.

Share buttons

Share buttons encourage readers to pass along your posts to their social feeds. Imagine the domino effect of more and more folks linking to your online home… basically, it’s free advertising.

Setting your settings

The Settings tool is your site’s command center. It’s where you add your site icon, title, and tagline, and enable or disable important features, such as the privacy setting — sometimes, website owners choose to keep their sites private (for example, while a website is still under construction).

If you want to import content from your other websites, or change your site address or domain, head to Settings to do that, and a whole lot more.

Familiarizing yourself with your WordPress.com My Site screen — and the admin area in general — boosts your blogging confidence; why not poke around for a while?

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