Note-Taking Technology to Maximize Your Efficiency

You can probably recall a time in life when you sat in the midst of an important class. As the deluge of information rolled in, you were armed with a mere spiral-bound notebook and pencil.

Fortunately, we now have the luxury of note-taking technology at our fingertips. When inspiration for a blog post or website idea hits, you can quickly jot down any notes on your mobile device and refer back to them later.

Check out four of the best on-the-go note-taking tools available today.

1. Simplenote

For those seeking simplicity and a streamlined experience, the description is in the name. Fast, responsive, and minimalist, it allows for easy access to edits history and sharing options. Simplenote is free and available for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Kindle, Linux, and web.

2. Google Keep

Available for web, iOS, and Android, this free app appeals especially to the visual learner. By way of a card system, Google Keep allows you to create various kinds of notes like text, lists, images, and audio. Added features like speech-to-text transcription and color-coding capabilities make this app shine on an organizational level.

3. Evernote

With the capability to take notes via text, video, audio, or a combination of all three, this straightforward app is a longtime leader. Using two systems — notebooks and tagging — you can choose various ways to share notes. This allows for communication with teams, better task management, and even marketing-content creation.

Available for web, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, Evernote is free, but the added features found in the Premium and Business plans start at $7.99 per month.

4. Apple Pencil/Samsung S Pen

Bridging the gap between archaic graphite pencils and paper are versatile styluses such as the Apple Pencil and Samsung S Pen.

Designed exclusively for the iPad Pro and Galaxy Note9, respectively, these sync to the device and function just like a writing utensil, allowing for markups on numerous file types, along with remote capabilities and more.

The control and detail available by using an advanced stylus opens many doors creatively, allowing precision and fluidity.

Streamline your note-taking

The world is moving at a faster place, and your ideas should move with it. Today’s note-taking technology tools are there for you when inspiration strikes, giving you the function and flexibility you need on the go.

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