5 Ways a WordPress.com Business Plan Can Transform Your Site

Whether you’re creating a website from scratch or upgrading your existing site, a WordPress.com Pro plan gives you the freedom, flexibility, and support to create a site that’s tailor-made for your small business’s goals.

Wondering if a WordPress.com Pro plan is right for you? Here are five ways you could use the plan to make the most of your WordPress.com site.

1. Pick from thousands of plugins

Your website comes prestocked with the features of the most popular WordPress.com plugins, from anti-spam tools to features that make it easy to share your content on social media. But a WordPress.com Pro plan puts thousands of additional plugins right at your fingertips.

You can easily install popular plugins like WooCommerce to run an online store or Polylang to translate your website into multiple languages. Whether your goal is to book more reservations at your restaurant or sell products in your online store, the WordPress.com Pro plan offers plugins to help you succeed.

2. Embrace your individuality with custom themes

Choose from countless WordPress.com themes to fit every style; as a Pro plan owner, you have the freedom to upload as many unique themes as you please. Your plan’s Customize tool also gives you the freedom to choose your own custom fonts, colors, and CSS.

3. Enjoy top-notch support

Seven days a week, you can depend on email and live chat support from WordPress.com. A WordPress.com Pro plan takes this support up a notch by allowing you to schedule a one-on-one orientation with a Happiness Engineer for live assistance as you set up your site and learn more about WordPress.com. Ask questions and get help customizing your site through screen sharing and audio chatting. With this plan, you can also participate in live courses to stay up to date on new WordPress.com features.

4. Harness the power of Google Analytics

Your WordPress.com Pro plan comes equipped with Google Analytics integration, which means you can dive into your stats on day one to develop a deeper understanding of your audience. But don’t just look at simple traffic numbers; Forbes suggests 14 different ways you can make the most of your analytics data to guide content decisions and improve your site.

5. Let WordPress do the heavy lifting

From hosting to domain registration, a WordPress.com Pro plan covers all the essentials and saves you hassle. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing you have unlimited storage and backups while WordPress manages the hardware and the system configurations for you. All you have to handle is your content — WordPress does the rest.

Get started today

Learn more about the WordPress.com Pro plan’s features and pricing to decide if it’s the right fit for your business goals and website needs.


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