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Creating a website from scratch is isn’t an easy task, but having a plan and the right platform for support can make the process run a lot smoother. Rather than plunging right into building pages, a little planning can go a long way.

Here are some steps to help you succeed when creating a website from scratch.

1. Determine your site goals

What should your site achieve? Decide on the type of visitor you want to attract, and what action they should take after landing on your site.

2. Get inspired

Take a look at similar sites, or browse relevant themes to find elements that you like (from useful buttons to attractive menu styles).

3. Design your site

When building a website from scratch, its design is the part that most people have in mind. Plan out what your finished site might look like, page by page.

4. Choose your style and color scheme

Think about how you’ll use fonts, colors, spacing, icons, and even image types and styles.

5. Organize your text

Now, write down the text that will go on your site. Include an About Me page, Contact page, pages for your products and services, and outline your first few blog posts.

6. Select your theme

Now that you know what your website will look like and what content you’ll put on it, select a theme to fulfill your vision.

7. Customize

Add the static design elements like a fixed header, background image, and navigation menu. Then, focus on individual page elements such as text boxes, image galleries, and any columns or contact forms.

8. Input your content

Now, you’re ready to fill in those text areas with the content you prepared.

9. Add some extra content

Next, add any extra content you may want to include, such as social media feeds, videos, or calendars. A great way to add bonus content to your website is by using widgets. If you’re a Business plan user, add the third-party plugins that provide any other functionality you need.

10. Test your site

It’s now time to test, proofread, edit, and perfect your site to completion.

11. Publish

Your site’s finally ready to go live! Share your URL with family, friends, social media followers, and customers.

Creating a website from scratch is a big undertaking, but if you follow these 11 steps and use the resources provided by, you’ll be prepared to make a great one. Courses make it easy to start that blog, website or podcast.

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