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    Hello, i have been having an issue with my wordpress website.
    There is a big white space beneath the footer. (On all pages)
    If i inspect element the page i can find two elements on the bottom of the page.
    (see images)
    If i delete these elements the white space dissapears. Any help on how i can remove these permanently? I am no coding genius haha

    The blog I need help with is freeteststore.wordpress.com.


    I dont know why that signature is there?
    My website is definately not freeteststore.wordpress.com


    Hi there!

    Can you please let me know the address of the site you’re working on? It looks like it’s a self-hosted WordPress.org one.

    Please note that these forums are for WordPress.com hosted sites only. If your site is using the open-source WordPress.org software you need to seek help at these forums:


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