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    I need desperate help with the issues I’m having regarding implementing the received pages (outsourced page designs)

    We’ve originally used Unbounce(CMS tool) to run our pages but decided to migrate to WordPress mainly due to incompatibility of Unbounce with other marketing tools. we were running short on time, so we had no other choice but to outsource the page-recreating(replicating) work.
    -we asked for 5 pages to be replicated-

    At the time when the vendor began to recreate the Unbounce pages in WP, our installation of WP wasn’t quite ready. Thus, the vendor suggested that he’d start creating pages on his own server.

    After our WP was finished being installed and after our vendor has finished the recreation, the vendor asked for our cPanel account – which we didn’t have(we actually didn’t even know about it’s existence). Therefore, the vendor sent us the relevant .zip file and SQL file so that we could download it to our WP. As we uploaded the files to our WP, all the settings that our vendor had came along including the plug-ins and even the domain(our ID/PW was also changed as well)

    Problems was brought up in after this;

    1. of the 5 pages, only the landing page was accessible and all the other pages were showing as “Not Found-the requested URL was not found on this server”.
    Even if I try to edit the pages with elementor(free version), it showed 404 error. Viewing option was also not available.

    If I cloned the page using Yoast Duplicate Post, I was able to access the other pages, but the designs were completely messed up.

    2. Publishing a new page is not working – if I try to, the following message is shown: “Publishing failed. The response is not a valid JSON response.”
    what’s the matter with this?

    the vendor is suggesting that it’s a server issue(which he cannot solve), and our dev team is suggesting that it may be because of the plug-in settings

    in case this has to do with the plug-in settings, here’s the list of the plug-ins:

    We’ve downloaded three plug-ins after we implemented the received files:
    – TranslatePress
    – Yoast Duplicate Post
    – IP2Location Redirection

    and here’s the list of the other plug-ins that came along with the uploaded files (we didn’t purchase any of these):
    – Elementor
    – Elementor – Header, Footer & Blocks
    – Elementor Pro
    – Starter Templates
    – WordPress Importer
    – WP Reset
    – WPForms Lite

    Should there be any more information that I could provide, please let me know. I will update ASAP – this is a very urgent matter for us.
    Any support regarding the two problems will be tremendously helpful.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is sdfsdfsdfs428861468.wordpress.com.



    First things first: on what site are you working?



    Our dev team solve the problem!
    it was the config that was causing the problem-they must’ve missed it last time haha..
    Still, appreciate your support and concern!!
    Thank you!

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