Unavailable username when trying to create a new account?

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    Hello WordPress forum–

    I’ve purchased a domain through a different hosting site and I recently decided to make a switch over to WP.com. I’ve gotten all of that switched over, but I cannot seem to make a WordPress.com account using the domain I want. I’m able to use other usernames, or when I try one that’s already existing I’m told I can’t take it because it is being used, but when I try to use the one I want, it simply says it is unavailable. I decided to visit [thedomain].wordpress.com and it said the site was no longer available as the author had deleted it. Anyone know why this is happening?

    The blog I need help with is prayingiamlost.wordpress.com.


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    WordPress.com does not recycle or reuse urls. If a url or name has been deleted it is gone forever. You can choose an alternate but similar name, for example, substitute a letter with a number, or add a number to the name you want.

    Most importantly, with domain mapping upgrade your readers will not see the underlying url.


    Addresses (URLs) for blogs that have been deleted by the owner will remain deleted. We cannot, under any circumstances, allow someone to take over the address of a blog that was previously owned and deleted by its original/previous owner. Please do not submit support requests asking us to do this.

    Imagine you have a blog for a while but then decide to delete it for personal reasons. We then let someone else take over the name. A year later you get an angry phone call from a friend or relative who has clicked on an old bookmark, reads something offensive, and thinks that it was published by you. This is precisely why our policy is, and will remain, in place.

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