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    Hi! I’m looking to switch my domain over to WordPress, but if I do that will I loose all of my pixel data? My current provider (Godaddy) does provide an option to create a website with wordpress as a host as well, is that the same? Just trying to figure out which is the best path.



    Hi there,

    I’m not sure what you mean by pixel data. Can you give some more details about that?

    If you switch to a WordPress site on GoDaddy, you’ll be using the open source WordPress software made by the community on, while GoDaddy remains your host. Support for that software is provided at, so if you have any questions that GoDaddy support aren’t able to answer for you, that’s the best place to ask.

    The forums where you’re posting now is for, the hosting provider. We use our own version of the WordPress software, with both some extra built-in features and some limitations. If you move the site to us, you’ll be using our version, and we’ll be your hosting provider.

    Which one is better would depend on your specific needs, e.g. what type of customization freedom you require, how much you want to be able to control manually regarding your server setup, for example, and so on. You can see a comparison of the difference between the two versions of WordPress here:

    Let us know if you have any more questions after looking at that.

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