Shortcodes Don't Work on IE

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    I have recently been working on a new website using the Residence theme and they acknowledge that their template only works on modern browsers, as in, not Internet Explorer.

    Unfortunately most of our clientele and agents use some form of Internet Explorer and not Edge or Chrome. I personally use Chrome and the new site is perfect. Internet Explorer? None of the properties show up as they are based on shortcodes which are not supported by IE. You can tell the properties are there when you hover over the blank space – but that’s it.


    I’m wondering if anyone has found a solution to allow the site to work on Internet Explorer? It doesn’t even have to be perfect it just needs to not be invisible.



    Hi there,

    Your site is not hosted by us ( It is using the self-hosted version of WordPress and it is hosted by Bluebirdhosting.

    We’re only able to provide support for WordPress websites that are hosted by us ( For help with a self-hosted WordPress site you need to ask over at the forums:

    If you want to know more about the differences between and the self-hosted you can read this article:

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