Setting Up the Social Link Menu in Scratchpad

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    Hi! I’ve set up my blog in Scratchpad and this is my first experience with setting up a Social Menu (or Social Links Menu). Does Scratchpad allow for Pocket? I know that another theme I’m using on another site (the Dara theme) uses that one. How exactly do I set up Pocket on Scratchpad? Thanks!

    Here’s my URL:

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi @bornagainfat!

    Pocket links will work in the Social Links Menu of Scratchpad, yes :)

    You’ll use the same process (see above link) that you used over on Dara – in fact I can already see your Pocket icon at the bottom of your page!



    Um, it’s @sunnygal66, but thanks! **LOL** Sorry I haven’t gotten back sooner–I finally had to go to Google to even find my post this time around; it wouldn’t show up in the forum search! I think it’s March Madness here, too, as it was busy in the Community Forum this weekend. But that’s a good thing.

    Anyway, I followed the tutorials you mentioned, and it worked, only I hadn’t realized my Pocket icon had made it. That was a nice surprise after three tries at posting the links correctly (getting used to the menu form). Now, I’ve set up the Social Menu successfully on both of my blog sites. So, thanks again!

    I’m closing the thread now, as this issue’s been resolved to satisfaction. Anyone else who sees this will probably have what they’re looking for with the Social Links Menu article link, unless there are more questions. :) Finding answers in the Forum is better than it used to be!



    Um, it’s @sunnygal66, but thanks! **LOL**

    Oops! looks like my copy and paste failed a bit there! Glad I was able to help, even with the wrong name ;)

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