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    I’ve set up a website for multiple users using Fjords 04, but none of the posts are including their names. I see no options in settings to fix this. Please tell me this can be adjusted. Help!

    The blog I need help with is


    Whether author names show or not in the post metadata is theme specific. Some show it and some do not. See this post by Panos for which themes show the author’s names and which do not.


    If you stick to Fjords, the authors will have to add their name manually in each post. You can also activate the Authors widget.



    Thanks – this is unfortunate! Is there an easy way to add authors names to post meta data with CSS? (I already purchased the CSS updgrade so that I could make the theme 3 columns instead of 4)




    This is not a CSS solution but I wondered if you were aware of the following:

    1. You can create a Category for each author under their name and they can assign that Category to each of their posts. When visitors click the Author’s name in the category widget all articles they have published and assigned their name category to will appear.

    2. You can use an Author’s widget. The widget can display the names or avatars of all your blog’s authors, links to a list of all their former posts, as well as links to posts they’ve recently written. >

    3. You can use an Author’s Grid widget. The widget displays the avatars of all your blog’s authors, which link to a list of posts they’ve each written.

    I know this is not what you are looking for but wanted to share these in case you were not aware of them.

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