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    Pinterest has this RSS autopublish feature: “Connect RSS feeds to your Pinterest business account and automatically create Pins from the content on your website. When you update your RSS feed, your content will be added to your boards as Pins within 24 hours.


    However, I have not been able to get it to work with despite many tries. The error message is:
    “Oops! It looks like some of your connected RSS feeds are failing. Please review the errors below:

    Pinterest can’t find images in your feed. Please make sure your feed has high quality images in <enclosure>, or <media:content> tags under each <item> tag.

    Please check our Help Center for further details or to get help troubleshooting.”

    Question: Any idea how to resolve the above error for blogs? Thanks a lot.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    I don’t see any problems with that site’s feed, and can see media:content tags for your posts that have images added.

    For example, your Domain Authority 31 post:

    And for your 7 Essential Abilities… post:

    So the data is definitely there in your RSS feed.

    What could be the problem here is that that only gets included in original posts where you’ve embedded the image or assigned it as the featured image directly on the post. For posts that you reblog the images aren’t included in the RSS feed, because those images actually exist in the original post, not in your reblogged version of it. For reblogs the RSS feed only contains an excerpt and a link to the original post.

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