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    I’m trying to get back in to this blog and designing and organizing everything is just simply arduous for no reason. Blogger is far, far easier to use. The options feel so limited and thrown around randomly. Nothing is doing what I want it to do and I can’t find what I need to find. It was so much easier years ago.

    I want everything on the right sidebar and there’s no way to move it there, I can’t seem to edit links, there is stuff in there I didn’t put in it, I keep seeing two different options of Blog Roll and something else. There is nothing defining where things can be placed. Everything is on the footer that is SUPPOSED to be on the sidebar. There is no way to delete those links, the original link bar won’t show. Fuck; I can’t even alter colors anymore. When I first got this blog, everything was simple and easy, now it’s some contrived bullshit that doesn’t work like it used to.

    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry you’re frustrated.

    I really don’t see much going on with the site you linked. Colors have been customized. You haven’t put anything in the sidebar or footer area, but here’s how to do that if you want to:

    It looks like you’ve got the colors figured out. Or, are you referring to another site?




    When I first got this blog, everything was simple and easy

    Some of the issues you’ve described might be due to switching from one theme to another, and others might be due to the fact that has gone through a few different editors and created a new interface since 2010 when your site was evidently created. For example, your site has the Twenty Sixteen theme applied, which didn’t exist back in 2010.

    See the My Content and Switching Themes section of the Themes support page regarding issues that may arise simply by switching from one theme to the other. The section describes remedies for some of the more likely issues a theme switch may produce.

    Everything is on the footer that is SUPPOSED to be on the sidebar.

    The Twenty Sixteen theme has three available widget areas which are described in the theme guide (under Widgets) and may be found in the Customizer by clicking the Widgets item in the menu at left. Widgets will only display in the widget areas in which they are placed, but on smaller screens such as those on mobile devices even widgets in sidebar widget areas will display at the bottom of a page. This is entirely due to the narrow width of mobile devices.



    You aren’t having a fun time at all.

    I agree when you say you want everything on the right side.
    I wonder if wordpress might consider giving a choice of tbree different layout options as standard?

    Having to log into WP admin to access the dashboard just seems like a nonsensical approach to me. I know they have the ‘ Live viewer’ option for making changes.
    As for the list on the dashboard layout, they could do with sub headers. Why put Appearance in the same strand as plug ins? I would put that as a sub under tools with widgets as not everybody uses them.
    People find themselves doing a lot of clicking to find what they need. Maybe a tutorial video should feature as a sticky on the dashboard for each section?

    Same with the upper part. Why isn’t posts next to pages in the list?
    It’s separated by media and Links.

    I can see why certain options require upgrade as the site is entitled to make money to keep it going. What you get for free is good. Too good in fact.

    Maybe WordPress could run a competition to see who can come up with the best design layout?

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