If I build many websites. Can I get package discounts?

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    If I build many websites.
    Can I get package discounts?



    Hi, we don’t currently have package discounts available. Each site would need its own plan.

    If your customers are buying their own plans, we do have an affiliate program that may work:



    thank you so much for your feedback.

    And But I have received an email with 15% discount code.
    Can I get the 15% discount code again?
    Or what should I do to get the 15% discount code?

    Looking forward to your reply.
    thank you very much.



    Hi there,

    Coupon codes are sent out by our marketing team when they’re running a promotion, and are only valid for a limited time.

    If the coupon you received hasn’t expired yet, you should be able to still use it. But if it has since expired, you’ll need to wait for the next time we have a promotion if you want to use a discount coupon to upgrade.



    Thank you very much for your serious reply.

    I know very well that the marketing department has added a time limit for the discount code.
    But since I am just familiar with and understand all the processes of Workpress.
    At the same time, I also just now know which package is more suitable for me.

    For loyal customers of workpress.
    Can I get the chance of a promo code again?
    If you can help me negotiate with the marketing department.
    I will thank you very much.

    Looking forward to your feedback.


    I’m afraid we’re not running any promos now, as @kokkieh mentioned, you will want to wait for the next time we have a promotion.
    You can work on your free sites for now and upgrade them when you’re ready.



    thank you so mcuh for you feedback.

    i will do this.

    Thank you so much

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