How to stop Featured Posts from showing up?

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    @rain: It won’t. The Featured Posts footer section is a separate section, above the footer widgets.

    @lorna: My previous replies were given after I checked things (again) in my regular tests blog. Baffled by the “mystery” your latest reply confirmed, I now tried Skeptical in a newer (empty) reserve blog I had: I published a few regular posts, and lo I got the same problem. I tried every thing I could think of but cannot get rid of the bottom featured posts. If I set one post in that blog as a sticky, then that post alone will show in the bottom area, but if I unstick it, then again the bottom area will revert to displaying the latest three posts although they aren’t stickies. This, I repeat, doesn’t happen in my other blog. So you must report this to staff (as the Theme Showcase clearly says that “Skeptical has nice features in the footer. You can feature a maximum of three posts by marking them as sticky posts“).



    I just came to post that I had done the same thing in my test blog loaded with Skeptical and got the same results both Lorna and you did.


    Peregrine (lornakismet) – I have a private blog as well as my public ones. I just tried out Skeptical theme to see what might be happening and you’re quite right: the three most recent posts appear in the footer area. I looked at all the settings, including theme options, widgets, and looked also on the all posts page and the post editor pages for them to see if any were set to sticky, and they’re not.

    So… either they are meant to be there because that’s how the theme has been designed, or it’s a problem with the theme that could be sorted out by staff. What I would suggest is that you contact staff about it when they come back after the weekend. Alternatively – just change to a different theme.

    By the way, I tried Raincoaster’s suggestion of putting a widget in there to see if it would clear it and it didn’t. I tried it in the footer widget areas and I tried it in the side panel. Same three recent posts still show. I think it’s the theme itself, because it’s actually above the footer widget areas.

    This is a link to WordPress’s demo of Skeptical theme: If you scroll down the page there you’ll see the featured posts. Bear in mind that it’s only a demo blog with that theme. (You can find demos of all the other themes via the Themes Showcase:

    I know that in the theme description for Skeptical it says one can set a maximum of three featured posts, but I can’t personally see anywhere that these can be changed, unless it has to be done via CSS and, if so, then I can’t advise you.

    By the way, all the people who are helping you on this forum, apart from any staff who might help later, are volunteers. And volunteers are not going to give you their email addresses, particularly not on the forum.



    Hi again everyone,
    I flagged this thread so it gets moved to the Themes Forum. There Staff can let us know (1) whether or not this is the expected behavior for the theme or if this is a bug, and (2) whether or not the Theme notation needs to be corrected in the Themes Forum.


    PS I just did an experiment, like Panos and Timethief did, and made a sticky post. That changed the three featured posts to just that one. Then I did another sticky post and that showed those two sticky posts. So, I think that what they meant to say on the theme description, but just didn’t word clearly enough, is that if you want you can have up to three featured posts (in the footer area) but that if you want to change them to less than three you have to set them as sticky posts!

    May I make a suggestion? If you make yourself a third private blog, just keep it for your own eyes – ie, not invite anyone else into it to view it – and then use it to experiment with themes and learning how to use WordPress, because that way you’ll learn as you go along, and you won’t need to use the forums as much. Many of us do exactly that – it’s one of the best ways to learn and, because you’re discovering things for yourself, they’ll probably stick in your mind longer. :)


    @absurdoldbird (re your PS): as I said in my previous reply, this doesn’t happen in my regular tests blog: no stickies gives me no bottom featured posts.



    Panos, thank you. I honestly did check everything and click every link and nonetheless got those blasted featured posts.

    So then what I suspected was (I guess!) true: It is a glitch perhaps in Skeptical.

    Tomorrow I will lay out the problem to the Support Team.

    Thank you for confirming what I believed but could not prove.



    @ Panos. Sorry. Misread. It’s late where I am.



    Dear Absurd Old Bird…

    In fact, I do have a practice test blog that I used constantly to test out the other blog, but not all answers come from that kind of testing, and sometimes one short answer from someone with experience can solve a problem that could take a long time solving.

    This particular problem, I guess could have been solved if I replicated this new blog of mine with Skeptical, but nice people kept offering suggestions and I was happy to test them all out.

    By the way, I made my second test blog (for another blog) because I am in the habit of changing themes. I think that the longest time I ever stayed with any one theme was with Vigilance. The fascination of new themes and new looks and features, however, is stronger than a need for constancy. I use the dummy blog to compare the look of newer themes with the one I have more than for figuring out answers to problems within a blog.




    Dear AbsurdOldBird….. I just now re-read your comment about people giving out their personal email addresses. I used the wrong, wrong term in asking Panos for a contact.

    What I meant and should have asked for was a Contact type of email address. I once used such an email to someone else in this forum support team. Those emails are public, meant for the public. I should not have called it a personal email address.




    Again to Absurd Old Bird …..

    That theme showcase is one of the first places I check. :-) I always click away at the active demo that they put in. :-) :-) :-)




    Thread moved to the theme forum section.


    @lorna (re the email thing): There’s no need for you to apologize. You just wanted a way to contact me, to give me some info you didn’t wish to give in public: that’s ok, I did not misunderstand your choice of words, and I could have easily given you a secondary mail address or a different way of contacting me instead of my “personal” mail address. There are two reasons I didn’t do this: a) You’ll notice that neither timethief’s blog nor mine include a contact form. Both our blogs are on blogging tips and advice, so we feel that if we happen to give a useful answer to a question or a solution to a problem, it may be of interest to other users as well, so communication must be public only. b) I might need to visit the blog if the problem was of a different nature, for instance if it required examining the sourcecode of your page. But as you saw, in this case there was nothing I could find by visiting your blog that I didn’t eventually find without visiting it – it just took us a couple of extra questions and answers.



    Hello everyone, I did some tests on Skeptical and was able to repeat the issue with the latest three posts appearing in the footer even when no posts are marked as sticky. I’ve filed a report and will keep you posted.



    Hello everyone,
    I had exact the same problem with the Skeptical theme. But after reading the above discussion I found a way to work around the issue:

    1. Create a new dummy sticky post
    -> it will be shown as the only post at featured post
    2. Move the recently created dummy sticky post to trash and tata … the whole featured post area isn’t there anymore.

    That seems to work for me.




    We’ve updated Skeptical and now the featured posts area only appears when a blog has a sticky post.



    Well, that sovles the problem. I liked to keep only one post per my front page, with the latest 3 featured post nicely displayed at the bottom. NOW, in order to them featured I have to have them on my front page. Why even have the Featured feature? Skeptical has been ruined for me. Plus, now my headlines will not show! Thanks!

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