How To Check RSS Feed?

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    Searching has given me many items where volunteers have said, “I checked your feed and…” but not how they checked it.

    I subscribe to my blog through RSS and email, so I know that they are working. I posted a blog an hour and a half ago. The email came through within two minutes, the RSS still hasn’t.

    I use Thunderbird as my RSS reader, and so clicking on “get all mail” immediately downloads anything that is available. I’ve been getting other RSS updates, but still not this post.

    Please, will you share how you check the RSS feed? Google has given me many links, but… I’d appreciate knowing what you use that works.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    There are a few feed validators out there, but I always use the one from W3C (World Wide Web Continuum).


    Thank you, thesacredpath!

    It shows the most recent post there and says the feed is operational.

    (It does show an “unregistered link relationship” warning but I’m guessing that has to be something to do with WordPress, since all I’ve done is add the RSS widget.)

    My reader still shows “There are no new articles for this feed.” I’ll be patient. (Ha!)


    Yeah, don’t worry about the warnings, but if you have feed issues and it reports an error, then that could be a problem. Some browsers and feed readers are quite “delicate” and flip out when they encounter an error. A good browser or feed reader can most times figure out what is going on and still show the feed. Safari is very forgiving.

    There have been some feed issues running around, but I still suspect they are on the other end rather than an issue with wordpress since every feed I’ve checked coming right out of wordpress has been current with all posts showing. The issues seem to be on the receiving end at the aggregator or feed reader service. Not to say that is the absolute case, there could be some issues on this end too. One never knows for sure.


    Again, thank you!


    You are welcome.

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