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    I made a mess… how can i change blog to website…im desperate :O

    The blog I need help with is


    Hello @annekhaloo,

    Let’s start by understanding the difference between a blog and a website. Ideally, Websites are static in nature where content is organised in different pages like for example, Home, About us, Contact Us etc…which may or may not require regular updates. On the other hand, blogs are dynamic which are usually updated more frequently.

    Speaking of blogs here specifically on, it is a chronological display of your blog posts with recent post first. A website is a larger aspect and blog could also be a part of your website.

    The following document gives you information about the differences between websites, blogs, and websites with blogs as well as information on how to create each of those options:

    To understand this process better, I suggest you give the above section about the differences between websites, blogs, and websites with blogs to begin with.

    To have your site look like a website from a blog requires a few settings following the activated theme’s setup guide. Settings likes, setting up a home page, add an about us page, add a contact form for the contact page, etc…Your site is currently using the Calm business theme. You can find the support guide for this theme here:

    By customising your site as per the above mentioned theme support guide, the appearance of your site is all that will change, in fact only an enhanced change.

    First understanding the difference between a blog and website & blog within a website here on and secondly, following the steps provided in your theme’s (Calm Business) support guide; you should be able to transform your site to look from a blog to appearing as a website.

    I have answered your questions to the best of my ability. If I have missed out on any details in my answers, please feel free to reply to this post with your questions.

    Happy to help. All the best.



    Thanks a lot :)

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